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A beta item released in Play Wild remains beta as it was originally released in Play Wild Beta. Focuses on that list which contains around 200 items. Daily Explorer, topic: Jammer Tip - Can you change Name Tag color in AJ Play Wild?

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Play Wild Beta (also called the Beta Stage, or in this case Beta Testing ) was the first stage of the Animal Jam timeline. The stage began on December 18th, 2014 until it officially ended on May 13, 2015. The game was available on Android devices only. During this time, Jammers could test Animal Jam's newly created virtual app. About animal jam - play wild. Based on Animal Jam, the #1 multiplayer playground for kids on the Web, this app takes kids back in time to the fanciful world of Jamaa as it existed long ago. Click the Play Now button. When the screen pops up, click the Create an Animal or Login options. Choosing to Create an Animal will guide you through the initial account setup. To Login, you need to input your Username and Password to access your account. Keep in mind that you will need to enable Flash in your web browser to play. Animal Jam - Play Wild is a casual MMO where you can make your own character by choosing from different kinds of animals. Starting out you can pick from a rabbit, a wolf, and a monkey.

National Geographic Animal Jam is an online playground filled with fun amp adventureNational Geographic Animal Jam is an online playground filled with fun amp adventureFrom the creators of Animal Jam comes a wild new experience for your mobile device FREE to PLAY No outside advertising EXPLORE a gorgeous animated 3D worldAnimal Jam Play Wild How to be a Beta-Tester video Screenshots inklusive Play Wild is an Animal Jam app designed by WildWorks that was released worldwide on January 18 2015 It can be installed on iPads, iPhones and iPods from the App THE APP IS NOW RELEASED Click here to see the video YOU CAN NO LONGER PLAY THIS APP ON THE COMPUTER Haha Visit wwwanimaljamcom to join millions of other players online now Find more videos like this one and so much more at Play Wild Animal is Jams newest mobile game app Its basically a full version of Animal Jam in 3D on your phone And now its available on both Android-amp iOS Crea un animal a tu gusto para poder hacer amigos en un precioso mundo en el que podrs jugar a un montn juegos de diferentes

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Play Wild, the mobile version of Animal Jam, is a game that has been downloaded millions of times, and is currently extremely popular. The game was released nearly five years after the original Animal Jam browser game. This meant that the developers over at AJHQ had a lot of content that they could transfer over to the mobile platforms. Today, we are going to take a look at the Beta Testing phase of Play Wild, and see what the game looked like at the time.

Launch of Play Wild Beta

Play Wild Beta, or Beta Testing, is considered the very beginning of Play Wild. It started on December 18, 2014. On this date, the CEO of WildWorks, which is the developer of the app, posted a tweet stating that players can now sign up for the Animal Jam app.

On May 8, 2015, the Animal Jam Support twitter account tweeted that the Play Wild Beta stage was coming to an end, and that they would no longer be sending out any invites.

Five days after the tweet by Animal Jam Support, on May 13, 2015, the Beta Testing stage for Android officially ended. A post on the Daily Explorer website notified the players of this news.

The CEO of WildWorks assured players that they will be able to play the released version of PW very shortly. He even stated that the game would be released somewhere in June 2015.

Launch of the AJPW App

Jammers worldwide were becoming increasingly impatient, and then it finally happened. The WildWorks twitter account posted a tweet on August 18, 2015, stating that Play Wild has gone live worldwide, and was available on the iOS App Store.

It would take several more months before the game was released on the Android Play Store. On December 8, 2015, PW was live for Android devices.

Requesting a Beta Invite to Play Wild

In order to partake in the Play Wild Beta, you had to request a beta invite. If you received an invite, you were able to log in and play the game. The official beta testing started on December 18, 2015, and was only available to Android users. You would receive the game through email, since the beta testing feature was not yet available on Google Play Store at the time.

Beta testers were given access to the Buddies and Gems feature. They also received 50 Sapphires as a gift, so they would be able to purchase a few items. The purpose of the beta testing stage was to see if there were any bugs in the game.


In March 2015, the beta testing stage ended, and all data was removed. If you were a beta tester, you would receive an email from AJHQ with a special code that was redeemable on the Animal Jam website. After this point, all beta accounts were removed from the game.

Jamaa Founders

At first, Jammers had the choice between three animals. You could either choose to be a Wolf, Rabbit or Monkey. Once you chose your animal, you were able to customize its appearance, such as its color and pattern. You were also able to add clothing items and accessories. The March 2015 update allowed Jammers to purchase multiple animals for 30 Sapphires each.

The only den that was available in the game at the time was the Small House, which is still the default den. The default den items were as following:

  • Plaid Couch
  • Trendy Pillow
  • Bean Bag Chair
  • Pretty Flowers
  • Paw Rug

During the beta testing phase, the only currency in the game were Gems. After signing up, Jammers would receive 2,500 Gems, and they could earn more by recycling items and playing minigames. AJHQ introduced Sapphires as a premium currency in the March 2015 update. You would get 50 Sapphires when you signed up to the game. However, the ability to purchase and win Sapphires was not yet implemented into the game.

Play Wild Beta In-game Areas

The world map in Play Wild is called Jamaa. It consists of a total of eight locations, but only five of them were accessible by Jammers at the initial launch of Play Wild. Those five locations were called as following:

  • Jamaa Township
  • Sarepia Forest
  • Coral Canyons
  • Temple of Zios
  • Crystal Sands

The three locations that were inaccessible were completely dark on the world map. Those three locations were called:

  • Shiveer
  • Appondale
  • Kimbara Outback

If you opened up your world map, you would see Phantoms floating over Mt. Shiveer and Appondale, and you would not be able to visit these locations. The March 2015 update made Mt. Shiveer accessible to all Jammers, but Appondale and Kimbara Outback were still locked.

Jamaa Township

Sarepia Forest

Coral Canyons & Canyons Pathway

Temple of Zios

Crystal Sands

Mt. Shiveer

In-game Stores – AJPW Beta

Animal Jam and Play Wild are also known for their numerous in-game stores. In those stores, Jammers are able to purchase clothing items and den items. The first three stores that were opened up in Play Wild were as following:

  • Jam Mart Clothing
  • Jam Mart Furniture
  • Shiveer Shoppe

Jam Mart Clothing

Jam Mart Clothing was the location to go to if you wanted to purchase new clothing items for your animal avatar. In this store, you can find head items, wings, gauntlets or boots, armor and necklaces.

Aj Play Wild Beta Download Pc

Jam Mart Furniture


Jam Mart Furniture sells all kinds of different den items. Jammers can purchase new den items and place them in their own dens.

Shiveer Shoppe

The Shiveer Shoppe opened its doors after the March 2015 update. In this store, you are able to purchase winter clothing items.

PW Beta Minigames & Parties

Nowadays, there are many different minigames and parties available in Play Wild. However, back in 2015, there were only two parties that you could access, which were as following:

  • Dance Party
  • Tea Party

The Dance Party takes places at Club Geoz, which still exists to this day. The Tea Party event is located at the Pillow Hut, which is also still accessible.

Animal Jam Play Wild Latest Version Download

Both locations have received small updates, but you can see what the Dance Party and Tea Party locations looked like in the pictures above. Which one of the two parties would you have liked to attend? Let us know in the comment section below!

Aj Play Wild Beta Download Free

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