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Posted by Dr.Mukhtar Ahmad on January 5, 2010

SmartDraw Interior Design Software (Paid, but offers free demo) 14. Chief Architect (Paid ali ima na torentu) 15. Cylindo (Paid, but offers free demo) 16. IKEA Home Planning and Room Planner Software Tools (Free) 17. FloorPlanner (Free and Paid) 18. Punch Software(Paid ali ima na torentu) 19. 2020 Kitchen Design(Paid ali ima na torentu) Ima ih. Homeopathic tool with Kent's Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica (abbr: 10,000+ rubrics in 36 chapters), Boericke's Materia Medica (abbr: 100 remedies with cross-references), Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (complete 6th edition). AtamA is a Homeopathic tool and resource featuring a fully linked Repertory and Materia Medica.


1. RADAR –

For more than 20 years RADAR helps homeopaths all over the world with their daily practice. RADAR is an easy to use and powerful tool at the same time – special modules add functionality for a variety of homeopathic techniques.

Radar 10 offers a great leap forward by giving easier access to more information than ever. It comes with the “Synthesis Treasure Edition“. Here are the features of this new Radar version:

  • The Concepts Finder
    Translate the language of your patient into the language of the Repertory. Use the Concepts Finder to add symptoms to your repertorization.
  • Radar Free Notes
    Download the latest seminar notes, videos, … Upload your personal notes to exchange with other homeopaths.
  • Live Update
    Automaticaclly upgrades you, free of chanrge, to Radar program updates, Synthesis Update Logfiles, Free Notes, etc.
  • Improved Multimedia
    200 new remedy pictures and 205 new sound clips. Visualize more remedies than ever before, listen to masters in homeopathy.
  • Improved families functions
    Limit your analysis by selecting from different family groups or create your own groups.
  • Select the most important symptoms of your patient into the pyramid of Dr. Luc and differentiate remedies on the basis of the core delusion.

  • Ewald Stöteler module
    Offers a new method for homoeopathic analysis and practice, using Hahnemann’s classification of diseases.
  • Two miasmatic approaches
    The miasmatic analysis following Dr. Giampietro (Argentina) can be used with Radar 10 and Synthesis 9.2. Also, Sankaran’s miasmatic database has been updated for optimal use within Radar 10.
  • Two new clinical files
    Radar 10 links to KENBO and to HomeoPlus, 2 clinical practice management files.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements
    Right mouse click on any remedy abbreviation in the repertory screen, now offers a choice of shortcuts, etc.

Click HERE to download the DEMO Version of RADAR.


Since 1986, Kent Homeopathic Associates has been at the leading edge of homeopathic theory and technology. MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, have transformed the way homeopathy is practiced around the world. Nearly all of the world’s great teachers prefer our software, and many of them serve on our design team.

MacRepertoryis one of the most important repertorization tool. It makes it easy to quickly select rubrics and analyze a case, check the materia medica and to feel confident about your prescription.

ReferenceWorks is a rich analysis system based on a huge library of more than 800 volumes of materia medica, provings, journals and more.

To the free demo DVD , send a request to


Mercurius is a modern repertorization and materia medica software for homeopathic practitioners, providing you the highest quality information on which you can base your prescriptions.
To date, Mercurius has users in 70 countries.
Download a FREE demo version of Mercurius homeopathic software and give it a try.

Mercurius demo (US server)
Mercurius demo (European server)

Why exactly Mercurius stands out of the crowd:

  • Very affordable pricing. Check out the best deal in homeopathic softwares.
  • Combines repertory, materia medica and the patient management system in a single piece of homeopathic software.
  • Is the first homeopathic software in the world to release the latest Complete Repertory 2008.
    See complete list of available repertories.
  • Features 100 000+ pages of spellchecked, corrected and unified Materia Medicae.
  • Provides compensated repertory model for all supported repertories.
  • Features outstanding searching capabilities for both repertory and materia medica. (see articles)
  • Designed by people who have been working for years as computer professionals, yet also practice homeopathy – it has the best of both worlds.
  • Built on modern technologies, combines ease of use and superior performance.


The Classic version 8.0 is chiefly a product for the practicing classical Homoeopath. It contains more than 300 books covering a wide range of Homoeopathic subjects spread across 1 lakh pages ( 100000 pages ) . It has an easy and user-friendly interface. Key features of Classic 8.0 include ‘Quik Repertorisation’, ‘Intelligent Search’,’Advanced search options’, ‘Confirmation of symptom’ ,’Quick Search’, ‘Creation of Custom repertories’ ,‘Group symptoms’ and many more.

Features :

  • Quik Rep
    A speedy Repertorisation module. View simultaneous Repertorisation table, apply Symptom options , Remedy options and Repertorisation strategies from the same screen.
  • Intelligent Search
    Rubric hunting and Recording made simple and easy. Simplified meanings of complex words provided through ‘Word Meanings’. Improves your knowledge of rubrics, helps you to consider symptoms which you would have otherwise missed through:
    – Cross references
    – Themes
    – Similar words
    – Synonyms
  • Advanced search options
    Normal, Essential and Vital words to improve your search criteria, ensuring accurate and complete results .
    Inclusion of – American / British English, Singular / Plural words in search results thereby not missing out on any results.
  • Confirmation of symptom
    Confirm the authenticity of symptom and its remedy (ies) of a repertory from the basic materia medica source books. Understand the context of the symptom and how exactly it has been manifested in the source books.
  • Quick Search
    This feature enables the user for a Quick View / Search / and Record of a rubric by accessing specific chapters and rubrics directly .
  • Create Customised Repertory like ‘User repertory’ which provides a faster and easier access to all the symptoms commonly observed by the user in his practice, ‘Combined symptom Repertory’ where you can combine two or more symptoms to save it as a combined symptom repertory, and ‘Materia Medica Repertory’ which allows you to create a repertory from the materia medica symptoms.
  • Group symptoms
    Analyse symptoms based on Groups.Learn more about remedies by creating ‘group symptoms’ of specific groups Make statistical remedy and symptom analysis a feature significant to researchers.
  • Symptom(s) forwarding
    Forward symptoms from previous cases to new or current cases, thereby saving time on re-repertorisation.
  • Rubrics Related
    Thousands of Cross-references, Themes, Synonyms, Similar words, and Word meaning for rubrics. Accessible from all the modules wherever the rubrics are present .
  • Remedy Related
    Keynotes, Basic Materia Medicae, Drug property and Drug relations accessible from all the modules wherever the remedies are available.
  • Interlinked feature
    All modules are interlinked intelligently making it possible to jump from one module to
    another without having to close any module.
  • New Modules
    ‘Links Tresorie’ and ‘Hompath Assist’ available with Classic 8.

Classic has a comprehensive Repertory and Materia Medica search which is intelligent, fast and provides in-depth insight and knowledge of rubric occurrences and remedy portraits. Repertories include basic repertories like ‘Kent’, ‘Boericke’ etc. , also ‘5000′ pages of ‘Gentry’s Concordances’ and ‘Phatak’s’ repertory all of which helps finding the true similium very easy. There are intelligent and practical repertorisation strategies some of which include Expert analysis based on rules laid down by Masters of Homoeopathy – Kent, Boenninghausen and Boger, Kingdom analysis by Animal, Mineral and Plant kingdoms, etc.


Homeopathy Pro is a professional computer program for those who practice classical homeopathy. It combines the advantages of time-proved case taking methods with advanced features of up-to-the-minute software. Take case notes in a friendly, convenient environment
enjoy most natural repertory search
get correct results from Repertories by recognized authors
read Мateria Medica to feel confident about your prescription. All this will help save your time and preserve quality of your work.

However I feel the limitations of this software as it’s limited to kent & Bonneinghausen’s repertory only. But for the newcomers in homeopathy it may be helpful.

To download the free trial version , click HERE .

Atama Homeopathy Software Serial Key Generator


AtamA is an entry level homeopathy software from ‘Anahata Software’. It is a standard repertorisation software with limited features. Some of these features are:

  • Basic repertorisation using Kent’s abridged repertory with about 10,000 symptoms.

  • The numerical and totality based results are given with the facility to weigh the symptoms.

  • The materia medica given for reference is Boericke’s abridged materia medica with 100 medicines.

  • Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine is provided as a reference book for philosophy.

AtamA leaves a lots to be desired even as an entry level software. With so many cheap entry level softwares available with lot’s of features, using abridged versions of books is not a good idea. Even Kent’s repertorie’s 6th edition had more than 60,000 rubrics. And now a days when people are going in for new repertories like Synthesis, Combined, Complete, and Murphy’s Repertory with many more rubrics, the abridged version of Kent becomes a limitation.

The same goes for Boericke’s materia medica. The full version has more than 700 medicines and even these do not cover all the new remedies in vogue. So a software with 100 medicines to refer may be useful for students but not for a practicing homeopath.

To download the demo & for more details and recent changes visit the Anahata website.

Atama Homeopathy Software Serial Key Free