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It is impossible to keep your children away from your smart phone device, Tv and Laptop. They are magically highly intelligent then our generation like 100 Times seriously (You would agree). The things we learned in months and years, they know like already or in few days etc. Such High IQ’s brain required our special attentions while they are exploring and viewing content on our smart devices.

With Rightly invested resources you can made your children even more smarter and genius. But It is very difficult to find these right resources (child-friendly content) online. Content that is innovative, safe and high-quality for their fresh brains. Babies, children, and teens of today age require significantly high level of care then ever. But worry not, we are here today to share with you some of the High quality sources that are specially designed for Kids like; top Cartoon Video apps for Kids on android devices that uses artificial Intelligent, Human reviews, smart filters, ratings and all other proper measures to provide your children content that is safe, fun, free, and educational. Let’s start!

YouTube Kids

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Youtube Kids android app is specifically designed for kids. Rich Cartoon Collection (watch Pepa pig, Curious George), Beautiful Poems, Kids songs, funny cartoon videos, multilingual, educational and all other type of filtered content at one tap. The best thing about this app is its simplicity, just one tap and you are ready to watch a cartoon episode. Easier for parents to maintain a safer online video experience for kids. Fully family-friendly with top Youtube automated filters serviced by human review. Customize your child’s activity by Parental Controls like Limited screen time, kid profiles, and selection of video category and custom age settings. But only cost you pay is watch few ads. You can also Chrome-cast it to your TV.

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Who don’t know Netflix, it is the top video streaming website and its android app is awesome too. Netflix has a dedicated Kids section. Netflix create Great originals content for kids like spooky stories, top animated movies. You can watch funny and some super content from books too. Latest releases includes Iron man, Transformer, Mega-mind, Shrek, Dragons, baby boss cartoon and Talking Animals cartoon. The best thing about this app is its monthly update of cartoon collections. You will always get fresh cartoon series and videos. Get free one month Netflix membership now to explore the full collection.

Cartoon Network App

Latest full episodes of tons of Cartoon series, old and new all cartoon videos at one tap with cartoon network android app. Top shows like Teen Titans Go, Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Infinity Train, We Bare Bears, Craig of the Creek, Ben 10, Clarence, and many many more updated every day. Simply install this app and forget about daily cartoon demand of kids, as its hell of collection will keep them satisfy all the time.

Amazon Prime Video

Watch cartoon on Amazon Prime Video offline from your android phones at the cost of monthly subscription. Amazon also provide they Originals collection with Prime video channels like HBO. You can also buy or rent videos on demand. You will also get free Cast support to enjoy the watching experience on TV. Prime Video some exclusive content like booba, Wotakoi: Love is hard for otaku, Grand Blue, Dororo, toradora!, Welcome to The Ballroom and Land of the lustrous.

Boomerang – Watch cartoon App

Your Kids will fall in love with this android cartoon app as it has the best available collection of cartoon the internet. This cartoon app is Family Friendly, Amazing and full pack of 4k Cartoons. 7 Days Free trial for new users, well worth the subscription. From Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry all at one place. Stream or Download cartoon videos and get exclusive access to original latest cartoons series. only downside is BOOMERANG is only accessible in the U S A. We love having a way to let our kids enjoy the shows we grew up with.

Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more

This app is full time Entertainment Pack includes live cartoon tv channels. You can create Personalized profiles, save on Cloud DVR storage and explore largest streaming cartoon library. This app is super easy to use and navigate.
Overall a great cartoon shows and cartoon movie watching app for android.

PlayKids – Educational cartoons and games for kids

This platform is focused on children’s learning via Cartoon entertainment. Find over 5,000 educational cartoon videos, books, shows and games in 7 languages. Over 5 million users watch its digital library everyday. Amazing Cartoon Titles includes cartoon stories videos and kids audio books. Stream subjects like Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. You can use this app offline as well and the best thing is zero ads. Really!!!Best features includes Simultaneous screen usage, parental controls and exclusive content: Storybots, Sesame Street, Masha and the Bear, Pocoyo, Little Baby Bum, Bob the builder, Morph.

Sling TV: Stop Paying Too Much For TV!

Sling TV lets you personalize your Kids cartoon channels, Shows and pick up some extras care for your kids. Over 10 live cartoon channels plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand cartoon tv shows and cartoon movies.full support of Cloud DVR Top channels like Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, TLC, ID and many more. Offering content in 18+ languages and buffering is very smooth. Real time sync with your tv and mobile devices. Well you have to bear some Loud Commercials on sling tv.

Pluto TV – It’s Free TV

200 plus Cartoon movies titles and cartoon TV episode and best thing is all streaming for free with Pluto Tv App. You will love the history channel, forensic files, crime TV and Nickelodeon which are perfect for your kids. Try it out and if you don’t like it, than delete it, that simple. I’m pretty sure you will love.

If you are in love with cartoon movies, then the good news is that your favorite iconic movies are just a few clicks away from you. Your android phone is the best source to provide you with the opportunity to access massive libraries of cartoon movies. Select and download movies or opt for continuous online streaming. For all this fun, you have just to download an android app and set free an unlimited amusement. Here is list of fantastic apps for you. They are enormously popular for their smooth running and the best HD results. Opt for any of them and enjoy unstopped hours of mirth and joy whenever and wherever you like!

Crackle – Free TV & Movies

This wonderful app provides you with an easy and free access to your favorite cartoon movies instantly. It also gives you an access to a full library of blockbusters and premium cartoon series, if you ever missed any of them. Only you need to establish an account and unleash a sea of movies. You have also the option of filtering the movies and focus only your preferred genres. You can also create ‘watch later list’ on this app. A great app in respect!


Tubi is another option for you, if you want an unlimited and largest streaming of your favorite cartoon and even Hollywood iconic hits online on android. This app is absolutely free and can be downloaded without subscribing or giving your credit card number. It is impressive for the fact that there isn’t embarrassing flow of ads that disrupts you usually. There are different genres to cater to different tastes. You can create your own queue and bookmark the movies you sort out online. Each week, you get list of new movies and series.


Cartoon Tv Series Free Download For Mobile

Vudu is a special treat for cartoon lovers. It comes with numerous amazing options such as downloading, streaming, watch offline and conversion of movies into digital format. The app is totally free. Access it and stream, buy or rent the cartoons and multiply the charm of your happy hours. It is the best one for your android phone and other android devices. It gives you the 4K UHD and excellent Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio sound results. With very limited ads, it maximizes the pleasure of watching movies. It provides you an access to its massive library that contains more than 10,000 movies.


This award-winning free app is amazing opportunity to run a digital home theatre (HTPC with a graphical user interface of 10-feet interface). The app is capable of functioning as media player, allowing the users to watch videos, enjoying music, photos and podcasts. The app doesn’t contain any collection of movies of its own. You have to use it as a medium to access and download movies from a storage location. The app also allows you to install third party plug-ins to access only the legal and official content from a website.


This nice app brings an unlimited entertainment allowing you to access so many movies and documentaries channels and obviously to your favorite classic cartoon movies and series. The huge databases of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic have lots to offer you and you never feel bored surfing these superstar channels. The most impressive features of this amazing app include ad-free streaming; access to old series and originals, unlimited downloads. Yet the smartest feature of this app is that you can run 4 devices simultaneously using this app.

Cartoon Tv Series Free Download For Mobile Phone


The unique plus of this fine app is that you can get on-demand video streaming. Its massive database allows you 100,000+ hours of entertainment. You can access movies, TV shows, originals, trailers and clips of your cherished cartoon movies and much more. The app gives you option to watch movies in so many international languages. It boasts exclusive Disney sections for fun lovers.


It’s a great entertainment hub to access 4K UHD and HDR movies for free. It is best to be used on Android phone and tablet allowing you to enjoy its superb collection of over 700 films free of charge. The app is also loaded with features such as multiple genres, unlimited download and daily new films.


This fine app allows you to enjoy 70,000+ hours of enjoyment. It offers you different genres at 18+ international network channels to accommodate varied tastes and preferences. This enormous variety of movies will engage you for a long time. The details of the shows and their sections are so extensive that it would certainly be difficult to count all of them. The movies are available in different languages. And prime of all features, this app is absolutely free.


If you are looking for cartoon movies from countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan, Viki would be the best choice for you. The app provides you an awesome HD experience that is entirely free from ads. Moreover all music performances, shows, films and series appear with subtitles.


This app is a movie player with lots of options. You can pause and resume the movie right from the scene, where you left. Movie titles are available in different world languages, particularly in languages spoken in far eastern countries, to multiply your fun. The app is workable on android phone, laptop and tablet providing you with the best 4K UHD and HDR results.

FilmRise – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Now you can enjoy full cartoon movies and cartoon tv shows absolutely free on Filmrise. HD quality videos with lifetime free access. Credit cart not required but you have to bear ads. You will also find other Hollywood and foreign language movies collection in the app. Huge Library with IMDb popularity score. Connect your Android TV with it and enjoy the unlimited entertainment.


Cartoon Tv Series Free Download For Mobile

Disney+Hotstar is your go to video streaming cartoon app for the best of live cartoon shows, TV movies and other movies. Hotstar bring Disney shows, Pixar shows, and Marvel studios shows. Also available in Hindi and other languages. Some other popular services in India are; ZEE5, SonyLIV and Hungama Play.

As a matter of fact, cartoons appeal us regardless the difference of age. They not only amuse us but also educate on many issues related to daily lives. If for kids, they are a source of excitement and fun, for adults they have undercurrent lessons which kids might not decode and think over. Above all there is a always a tinge of humor with them which makes us laugh and get rid of boredom and fatigue of work. So choose an app and start an unending healthy activity!

We will update watch cartoon apps list in future as well, so your suggestions will always welcomed. Simply share your thoughts on this topic in comments or at our email ‘admin @ bestcartoonapp .com’. also check our top post;

Many of you may be into cartoons, including films and TV series. To find and watch cartoon videos with ease, you can keep some cartoon sites in your porket and get access to them whenever you want to. Don't bother searching around the internet for the sites because here is a top cartoon site list ready to serve you. Let's save some time and have a look at the following list.

NO. Website Rank Upload Download Charge Format Profile
1 YouTube 3 Yes No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player World’s largest community where you can download, share, watch your favorite cartoon videos for free. You can upload cartoons, rate and comment and meet other cartoon fans
2 vimeo 99 Yes No, download with AllMyTube Free or premium Adobe Flash Player World’s largest community for cartoons. You can create, watch, download, share or download cartoons for free or by going premium. You can upload cartoons, rate and comment and meet other cartoon fans
3 Hulu Cartoon 340 No No, download with AllMyTube Free or Hulu Plus Adobe Flash Player Hulu videos include many categories and it even produces original content to stream on its website. If you subscribe to its Hulu Plus, you can get more content to choose from.
4 Disney Video 791 No Yes, after purchased Free or Paid Adobe Flash Player You can watch your favorite Disney videos from many channels on this site. Just enjoy yourself.
5 Mickey Disney 903 Yes No, download with AllMyTube Free and Paid Adobe Flash Player Enables you to watch the new Mickey Cartoons. You can also play games and more. Mickey Video creates a friendly viewing experience. You can access and watch your favorite Mickey and content from friends
6 Comedy Central 1,973 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Comedy Central offers chance to watch full episodes of cartoons like Ugly Americans, Futurama, Drawn Together, Professional Therapist and more. No need of subscription all content in this site is free
7 2440 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player is the perfect station for cartoons and cartoon videos that you can watch online. Especially for kids. Nicktoons is part of it.
8 Alluc 2,586 No Yes after purchase Free or Paid Adobe Flash Player Alluc is a good site for cartoon lovers. It features cartoon series, documentaries, movies, and tv shows for every liking. Cartoon categories are listed in alphabetical order therefore easy to find your favorite
9 Newgrounds 2594 Yes No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player & Html5 Find great movies here on Newgrounds and even flash games. The material are uploaded by many users and shared on the sites.
10 Cartoon Network Video 2854 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Cartoon Network Video aims to bring you the best cartoons anywhere, including full-length episodes, animated shorts and more.
11 3203 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player curates great resources for animes and cartoons. Feel free to stream your favorites on the website.
12 ovguide 3,626 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Top video and image websites that is dedicated to producing streaming cartoons and streaming animation. You can watch thousands of animated and cartooned graphics within one platform
13 side reel 3,999 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player You can watch the latest Cartoons shows free online. You can also enjoy your favorite Cartoons series on this website. Sign up with your social site and start enjoying
14 South Park Studios 4566 No No, download withAllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player allows you to watch full episodes and also clips of cartoons. You are going to like it.
15 SouthParkStudios 5,312 No Yes after purchase Paid Adobe Flash Player SouthParkStudios offers several full-length episodes extracted from South Park seasons. Has much multimedia content than any cartoon network site. Any episode can be watched almost immediately after it is posted
16 Fox on Demand 5,900 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player You can watch several streaming cartoon video on this site. You can enjoy full episodes of Family Guy, The Simpsons and American Dad. These cartoon episodes are made available after airing on television first
17 Blibtv 10,230 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Blip is a cartoon website with the best animated videos from professional and up-and-coming producers. You can watch thousands of animation shows, cartoons, comic book series & reviews.
18 Watch Formny 12,951 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Cartoon site that offer entertainment for the whole family featuring music videos, cartoons, comedy shorts, movies, doo, 3, stooges, roadrunner, scoobie, family, count. Free to watch online
19 14865 Yes No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player offers full-length episodes online, as well as tons of clips from the shows.
20 anime flavor 20,440 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player This site contain several cartoon series information that features Gargoyles Genres, fantasy, historical, adventure, sci-fi, supernatural Vintage.
21 anime toon 32,386 No Yes Free Adobe Flash Player Watch over 100,000 selected anime and cartoon videos and movies featuring sex cartoons, caricaturists and best cartoonists in the same site. The site is updated daily and one can download them for free
22 cartoon network asia 47,901 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Cartoon Network Asia is the best site of accessing free cartons online, full episodes of your favorite TV shows, popular cartoon characters, free cartoon prizes, and online cartoon games
23 cartoonwordtv 70,644 No No, download with AllMyTube Free and Paid Adobe Flash Player Watch several Cartoon clips online, Streaming English Dub, Free English Dub Anime Shows in High Definition only at CartoonWorldtv.
24 Boomerangtv 204,056 No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Boomerangtv is a cartoon site where you can enjoy old series like The Flintstones, Garfield, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther and many more. The site has also a collection of activities and mini-games for kids.
25 Jaroo 6,112,158 No Yes after purchase Paid Adobe Flash Player is the best cartoon site for kids. Offers many episodes of current cartoons like Super Mario Bros, like Johnny Test, Liberty's Kids. You need to subscribe in order to access full videos