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The End of the Yellow Brick Road for Cracking The Code!

In his recently published book Cracking the Code – My Journey to Bollywood (Rupa Publications) Ayushmann has laid bare the utmost personal account of the struggle he went through in his life, in order to make his presence felt, until he cracked the codes of success in Bollywood.


All of the Cracking the Code manuals had serious errors. If you or someone you know happens to have any Cracking the Code manuals, parts from the Cracking the Code manuals, or are seeking after any Cracking the Code manuals at this time, it is highly advised that you, instead, VOID THEM altogether, and warn others to do the same. Avoid them by all means!

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When the Cracking The Code books first appeared upon the scene, they were a Legend in their own time. Finally there was a book available, dedicated to this new, completely unknown, completely unheard of way(s) of using the UCCs unconventionally.

And to be able to purchase all this in a 390 page book the size and thickness of a telephone book – which included a CD-Rom – was just too good to be true! These manuals had a very Powerful impact and effect upon the whole entire legal system.

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Cracking The Code soon became a popular byword within both state and federal prison paralegal circles. The books were filled with “advanced” information like none that had ever existed before. A totally new “concept” of legal process like had never existed before. Only, Cracking The Code was somewhat complicated for the average Joe. As such, Cracking The Code still surely had its day!

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Cracking Codes with Python teaches complete beginners how to program in the Python programming language. The book features the source code to several ciphers and hacking programs for these ciphers.

After a crash course in Python programming basics, you’ll learn to make, test, and hack programs that encrypt text with classical ciphers like the transposition cipher and Vigenère cipher.

Book Description

Topics included: Introduction • Making Paper Cryptography Tools • Programming in the Interactive Shell • Strings and Writing Programs • The Reverse Cipher • The Caesar Cipher • Hacking the Caesar Cipher with Brute-Force • Encrypting with the Transposition Cipher • Decrypting with the Transposition Cipher • Programming a Program to Test Your Program • Encrypting and Decrypting Files • Detecting English Programmatically • Hacking the Transposition Cipher • A Modular Arithmetic Module for the Affine Cipher • Programming the Affine Cipher • Hacking the Affine Cipher • Programming the Simple Substitution Cipher • Hacking the Simple Substitution Cipher • Programming the Vigenere Cipher • Frequency Analysis • Hacking the Vigenere Cipher • The One-Time Pad Cipher • Finding and Generating Prime Numbers • Generating Keys for the Public Key Cipher • Programming the Public Key Cipher.


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Published: January 2018
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