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Diablo: Hellfire was developed by Synergistic Software and it was published by Sierra On-Line in the year 1997. This game is the expansion pack for the initial video game Diablo. The Hellfire expansion offers new extra features as a single-player game and it is not playable on the online gaming service Battle.net unlike Diablo.

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Diablo Hellfire Iso Download Gratis

GamePlay –

In 1998 there was a re-release bundle called Diablo + Hellfire. Blizzard also released a Game of the Year Collection in 1998 that contains the original Diablo. The Blizzard Anthology, released in 2000, also contains the original Diablo game. The Diablo Gift Pack contained the first two Diablo games but no expansions. Hellfire Diablo Expansion (Sierra)(1997).jpg. Remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. ISO IMAGE download. Download 1 file. Diablo: Hellfire - The Hell v.1.235 - Game mod - Download. The file The Hell v.1.235 is a modification for Diablo: Hellfire, a(n) rpg game. Download for free. File type Game mod. File size 193.2 MB. Downloads 8211 (last 7 days) 13. Last update Thursday, August 22, 2019.

The storyline is basically an additional arc of the original game Diablo. It is about a sorcerer who unknowingly releases the demon Na-Krul unto the town Tristram while performing a ritual. The sorcerer manages to magically seal the doors before the demon can fully escape.

The players need to go into Na-Krul’s lair and vanquish the demon. Players need to gain access to the dungeons by speaking to Lester. Lester is a farmer who lives north of Tristram, near the herd of cows. The player needs to ensure that he does not speak to Lester before reaching a certain point of the main Diablo quest as he may be nervous or hesitant to ask them to enter the dungeons that are new.

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There are many new enhancements which have been added in the Hellfire game which includes two new dungeons, more quests, extra game items, runes that can be placed as traps, shrines, more new mini-boss enemy names, affixed weapons and armour, spells and a boost to the strength and power that Diablo possesses.

There are two hidden character classes which are the axe- wielding Barbarian and the dual-wielding Bard. The monk class was also added as this class is meant to be proficient with the staff in melee combat and gains better bonuses in defense from lighter Armor.

Features –

  • The game has great RPG elements which are quite enticing and overall it proves to be an interesting action packed game.
  • It has a lively storyline that allows players to experience a high level of excitement while they play the game.
  • There are many new weapons, levels and improvements which have been introduced to keep players on their toes and stay keen on embracing new updates.
  • The graphics in the game have been built in an exceptional way.
  • The sound effects are very realistic and it catches every player’s attention.
  • It is a single-player and multiplayer game.
  • The Hellfire expansion adds a better single-player game that players can enjoy.

System Requirements –

  • Your Processor should be Intel Pentium III 1200 Mhz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+
  • Ensure that there is 1 GB of hard disk space which is available.
  • The PC should have System Memory of 2 GB RAM.
  • The DirectX version should be DirectX 9.

How to download Diablo: Hellfire for PC

  1. Look for the game in any popular torrent site and download it by clicking on the link which is available there.
  1. Let the download process begin and you will find the game in the form of a zip file.
  1. After downloading, you need to right click on the .zip file and click on an option which says Extract to Diablo: Hellfire.zip. In order to do this, players will need to have Winrar on their PC.
  1. Double click on the Diablo: Hellfire file and run the exe application that is present.
  1. Run the game as an administrator in order to be able to make the most of the game and in case of any errors that come up, install DirectX.

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Description of Hellfire

Hellfire (aka 暗黑破壞神之煉獄之火) is a video game published in 1997 on Windows by Sierra On-Line, Inc. One of those obscure title!

Hellfire is an addon for Diablo, you will need the original game to play.

Comments and reviews

JD2019-11-211 point

Cant download here.. but can from here: https://archive.org/details/Hellfire_Diablo_Expansion_Sierra_1997
Hopefully it works.. ;-)

Dirtybuny2019-05-280 point

If this works out it will be cool

VikMorroHun2019-05-052 points

How to make Hellfire work in Windows 10 64 bit:
- buy Diablo from Gog.com
- Install Diablo, configure DX settings the way you like (recommended video settings: 800x600, 60 Hz)
- download Hellfire ISO from here (which has a .bin and a .cue file)
- mount and install Hellfire ISO using the .cue file
- copy the following files from your Diablodx directory to your Hellfire directory: ddraw.dll, dxcfg.exe, dxcfg.ini
- create an ISO image from your installed Diablo directory
- mount the ISO image of Diablo (Hellfire will not work without the Diablo CD)
- download the 'Unofficial Patch v1.21' file from https://www.myabandonware.com/game/hellfire-9z8#download
- extract Diablo_Hellfire_121_unofficial_patchHFfixedspHFFsp.exe to your Hellfire directory
- run HFFsp.exe (haven't tried the multiplayer version)
- don't forget to add the command.txt containing 'cowquest;theoquest;bardtest;multitest;barbariantest;' into your Hellfire directory :)
If you have 64 bit Windows you can't patch Hellfire to version 1.01 which is required for activating all the hidden content with command.txt.
(Using version 1.21 is not enough.) Thanks to Oracle's virtualization technology all you need to do is download the extracted v1.01 files from https://mega.nz/#!h49h2CbA!nLPB1Cl4GeFjOgdNELtxe43DhO3065iUIreZBTf0HMA and copy them to your Hellfire directory overwriting everything.
If the game crashes:
- download the 'Modified ddraw.dll for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10' from https://www.myabandonware.com/game/diablo-3it#download
- copy the modified ddraw.dll to your Hellfire directory overwriting that file (expect small graphical glitches to happen on screen)

VonHellblazer2019-03-112 points

This is still abandonware as it was published by Sierra On-Line.

The Abandoned2019-03-100 point

Please readd the Hellfire Game. This game is still abandoned.

Nick2019-03-10-1 point

I got Hellfire working just like Diablo gog version.
You just copy paste all the dll files from the gog version over to Hellfire and replace them completely, also copy paste dxfcg.exe and its ini over to Hellfire and enjoy.
I know it doesn't anwser some peoples questions about why there is no gog version of Hellfire, you would have to ask Blizzard themselves. However this lets you play Hellfire (if you own it already) like Diablo gog version since its practically the same game engine.

dork2019-03-0812 points

hellfire is not included in gog version of diablo.

Vaclav2019-02-140 point

Hello,may I ask whether these Diablos work without that color scree problem? Thank you!

Guswib2018-12-230 point

I couldn't make it work, until I added the Modified ddraw.dll in the Hellfire directory, just the same way to make Diablo work.
Get the Modified ddraw.dll for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 from the Diablo page linked above.

NeoNito2018-08-14-2 points

i have a bin and cue file no ios please help the ppl that dont understand

JesusHChrist2018-07-31-6 points


Kimboz2018-05-242 points

Is it just me or the multiplayer option won't work?
I remember being able to create a multiplayer character even without an active multiplayer connection

No_nonsense_superhero2018-05-154 points

Diablo Hellfire Iso Download

It is 2018.. and ya dont know that you're replying to a post that's over 6 months old?

GENERATION X2018-03-301 point

It is 2018.. and ya dont know what to do with an ISO file?

zcwashere2017-10-15-1 point

mount the bin file with daemon tools like you would with an iso file then open the mounted dive and click auto setup or setup ither or works

Kruz2017-10-143 points

Have made a step by step guide on how to install:

BaneDDC2017-09-210 point

If you are having trouble installing go to the Diablo download page and check the comments there is a rather indepth tutorial on installing there

someguy2017-04-021 point

use daemon tools it's noobie friendly! awesome site btw! keep up the good work :)

tea hunter2017-03-11-5 points

I still see nothing that tells me how to use a .bin file on a Windows XP system. For the Hellfire download.

classicretro2017-03-063 points

for bins and cues you need blind copy and blind write. basicly just other flavors of an iso file

Burdoc1012017-02-22-7 points

Trying to install hellfire edition after installing the original diablo, but it seems the ISO file is missing. The only files a part of the download are 'HELLFIRE.bin' and 'HELLFIRE.cue'. Any advice how to use these files would be appreciated.

TrainableBus2017-02-121 point

Thank you for the insight

TrainableBus2017-02-07-6 points

I have no idea on what to do with an ISO file, so I could do with some help or even better a rip file

leadbones2017-02-061 point

Hellfire Expansion

Do you have Diablo installed?

Yo2017-02-03-2 points

The installer doesn't work for me.

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