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TitleDiabolik Lovers Dark Fate
Aliasesディアボリックラヴァーズ ダークフェイト
DeveloperOtomate & Rejet
PublishersIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal
Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden
LinksWikidata, GameFAQs, HowLongToBeat, IGDB, VNStat


That is, the fate of new blood.
It was on a certain night, when the moon encroaches; the 'Lunar Eclipse'.
As Komori Yui was caught in the strife caused by the Sakamaki and Mukami households and her days of getting her blood sucked continued, new siblings appeared before her.
The Tsukinami brothers had returned to Japan as transfer students from the main branch of Mintei Academy, located in the UK.
Turning into wolves and sprinting about the town at night.. What is their motive?
What is the true identity of these two 'Emmisaries?'
What is this 'fate' they- the founders of vampires- speak of involving the Sakamaki and Mukami households?
What will become of the fates of the Sakamaki and Mukami households, as well as Yui's?
This is a new story of blood that begins with the entrance of the two founders of vampires.
Will Yui be able to safely see the 'fate' that awaits her at the ending of the limitless bloody spiral?
The blood-sucking love that's enough to make you go mad will now begin..
[Translation of the official website's story summary.]





Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Psp Iso Download Full


Diabolik Lovers: Dark Fate is an Adventure game, developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory, which was released in Japan in 2015.


Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate - JPN - Format: VPK - Game ID: PCSG00530

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