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  1. You have what it takes to become an actuary. We have the exam prep tools to help you get their efficiently with video lessons, our signature Adapt practice software, and more. Join the thousands of actuaries who have passed their exams with Coaching Actuaries.
  2. Coaching Actuaries TIA. The next biggest consideration is going to be your budget for the exam. Study guides for Exam P are in the price range of $70 – $500. If you’re trying to spend the least amount of money possible, there is a free study manual for Exam P by Finan that you can find online.
Sample study schedule, recommended study materials, and study tips from the world’s youngest actuary

Actex Manual Exam P Pdf.pdf - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Actex Manual Exam P Pdf.pdf - Free Download The Coaching Actuaries Exam P manual is only available electronically, but the benefit of this is that you’ll always have the most up-to-date version.


  • 1 Part I: Getting Started (first week)
  • 2 Part II: Study Tips & Techniques (learning the material)
  • 3 Part III: The Final Stretch (last couple weeks before exam)

Looking for tips to pass your actuarial exam? We’ve got you covered, from how to start (study schedule, recommended materials) all the way to exam day strategy.

We won’t teach you the material; we’ll show you how to teach yourself (i.e. learning how to learn).

Most people are left in the dark prepping for actuarial exams, struggling to find the best way to tackle these behemoths. Some never discover a strategy that works.

But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve put together this guide so you can fast-track your exam success.

These strategies helped Roy become the world’s youngest FSA, and they continue to help the thousands of students in our community. Now, we’re excited to share them with you.

We hope you enjoy this guide, and good luck on your exam!

Study Smart, Pass Fast, Live Life

Mike & Roy

Get started on the right track with the 3 steps below.

Which study manual is the best? Should you add video lessons? Which calculator should you use? What’s the most cost-effective way to pass?

There are overwhelming options for study materials. We’ve broken down our recommendations for each exam – click the button below for details.

Starting with the right study material is important, and it serves as the foundation for your study schedule.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

– Benjamin Franklin
Success starts with your study schedule. There’s too much material on these exams to wing it and hope that you cover everything by the exam date.

But as with any long-term planning, life gets in the way. Check out our study schedule template below for tips on how to build a flexible schedule to set yourself up for success.

Most study schedules focus on macro-level planning: blocking off 2-3 weeks for a final review period and scheduling which topics to read each week.

Our schedule also focuses on the micro. How should your daily study session look? How much time do you dedicate to reading vs. doing practice problems? How should you incorporate breaks to improve learning and focus?

Use the form below to access our template – we’ll make sure you don’t miss anything during this important planning phase.

Our articles related to scheduling study sessions:

» When is the best time of day to study?

» Where to study – how your environment affects your learning

» Taking breaks to improve learning

» Designing your study habit

» How do you start studying for an exam?

Our Study Schedule Template is available for free – just let us know where to send it.

Download and read the exam syllabus from the SOA website. This sounds basic, but it’s almost always overlooked.

The exam writers use the syllabus to communicate their expectations. They lay out exactly what they want you to learn. Not only do they give you the main themes, but they assign a weighting to each section. Use the weightings to prioritize your time (especially in the final review weeks).

In a recent Q&A, Roy describes the key role that the syllabus plays when starting to study for a new exam.

The syllabus may look like a foreign language at first—that’s ok. In Actuarial Exam Tactics, we suggest frequently referring to the syllabus as you learn new concepts in the manual. This helps you build context for each topic. When is it used? How does it relate to the prior readings? And why would an actuary care?

Remember that the syllabus is the ultimate guide for what you need to know on exam day. Keep it handy, and refer to it often.

Part II: Study Tips & Techniques (learning the material)

Most of your study time will go toward learning the material. Whether that’s reading the manual or doing practice problems to test understanding.

Our goal isn’t to teach the material; it’s to help you teach yourself. Learning how to learn. You can save (literally) hundreds of hours over the course of your actuarial exams if you use the right study strategies. But even more importantly, the ability to quickly learn new material is one of the keys to success in your actuarial career.

Don’t confuse motion for progress. Make sure you apply your effort in the right direction before you dive into studying. Here are some resources to get started:

Comprehensive Resources

» Book: Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More, Study Less

» Free 5-Day Email Course: How to Pass Actuarial Exams

» Recommended Books, Blogs & Online Courses for Learning How to Learn

Popular Articles – Effective Study Techniques

» 3 common study mistakes for actuarial exams

» How to read your study manual

» The video game method of studying

» Two ways to get more out of your practice problems


» What I learned from interviewing top actuarial students

» A learning framework for any skill

» Changing your study habits: Study Audits

Part III: The Final Stretch (last couple weeks before exam)

After you’ve learned the material, you must spend time on mastery. Acronis iso to usb. This section focuses on your Final Review phase so you can be at your best on exam day.

Starting your final review phase

» How to spend your limited review time

Coaching Actuaries Exam Pa

» Two common mistakes with practice exams

» Nutritional supplements to boost exam performance

Week of the exam

» Exam-week prep – Roy’s routine

» Improve your odds of guessing correctly on multiple-choice exams

» Maximizing performance on exam day (and why you shouldn’t do a practice test the day before the exam)

» How to Manage Your Time During the Exam

» Exam-Day Routine for Peak Performance

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First Actuarial Exam: Should I take Exam P or FM first?How long does it take to study for Exam P?

If you’re studying for Exam P soon, I highly recommend you invest in some high-quality study materials. In this post, I’ll be comparing the most popular options (after helping hundreds of Exam P candidates) and I’ll help you decide which materials are best for you.

The most popular study guides for Exam P are ASM, ACTEX, TIA and the Coaching Actuaries. These will teach you all the math concepts you need for the exam. In addition, you can get personal, step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for the exam by joining the Study Strategy Program.

You’d be well off purchasing any of these options, but first let’s talk about why you’ll need these materials.

Coaching Actuaries Mas 1

The Exam P syllabus (which can be found here) lists many different math concepts that you need to know. These range from things like general probability, univariate distributions and multivariate distributions.

The syllabus mentions some recommended textbooks to read, but the problem is that they’re not specifically designed to help you pass Exam P. They’re just regular text books like you might have been assigned to read in your college or university courses.

Fortunately, many actuarial-minded people have set out to help you prepare for your exam as efficiently as possible. So, they’ve condensed all those recommended textbook readings into a more manageable package that relates everything specifically to Exam P.

These study materials will not only teach you the concepts that you need to know, but they’ll also give you specific examples about how the topics could be tested on the exam. Better yet, they come with tons of sample Exam P practice problems that you can use to prepare. That’s something you won’t get by just reading through the recommended textbooks.

In addition to study materials, I also recommend joining the Study Strategy Program as it offers everything that regular study materials do not. This includes an actuarial mentor (Brea from Etched Actuarial), a personalized study schedule, weekly accountability check-ins, a Q&A forum and performance targets so that you feel 100% confident that you’re preparing the right way.

Now that you know why study materials are important, I’ll compare and contrast the differences between the most popular options. Hopefully this will give you some insight into which options are best for you.

I’ve broke the comparison down into study manuals and online seminars. Study manuals are best for people that prefer to read, whereas an online seminar would be best for anyone that prefers to watch video lessons.

ProviderVideo Lessons?Features
ACTEXNoFor anyone that prefers to read, most affordable, includes GOAL
ASMNoFor anyone that prefers to read, most affordable, includes GOAL
Coaching ActuariesNo/Yes (depending on bundle)For anyone that prefers to read or watch videos (depending on bundle), includes ADAPT, most affordable video option, student discount
TIAYesFor anyone that prefers to read or watch videos (depending on bundle), assumes no prior knowledge, student discount
Study Strategy ProgramNoPersonally guides you step-by-step on how to fully prepare for your exam, does not include study material

Study Manuals: ASM and ACTEX

ASM (you can see a sample here) and ACTEX (you can see a sample here) are both very similar, which is why I’ve included them both together in the same section.

Both of these manuals are great for Exam P, but ACTEX is the more popular one. I like that ACTEX includes a calculus and algebra review at the beginning (but this is available for free in their sample linked above). The choice between the two really just comes down to the style of writing that you prefer.

They both have many great features. In particular, I love that they include GOAL. GOAL is an online program with over 1200 practice problems for Exam P. You can use it to take practice exams in simulated exam conditions, or to quiz yourself on topics that you’re having difficulty with.

In addition to that, they both have Pass Guarantee clauses which allow you to get an extension on everything in the package if you fail your exam. This only applies in certain situations, so make sure to read the Pass Guarantee details before purchasing.

Lastly, I like that both of these manuals can be purchased electronically or a physical copy can be purchased. Personally, I prefer to have a physical copy so that I can write in it (or sell it after my exam is done). But the electronic version is nice for anyone that lives outside the U.S. and doesn’t want to pay the high shipping costs.

Study Manual: Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Manual]

Another very good study manual option for Exam P is the Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Manual] option. ADAPT is similar to GOAL, which is included with the ASM and ACTEX study manuals. It gives you hundreds of practice problems, but unlike GOAL, they’re rated by difficulty level so you can gradually work on harder and harder problems as you improve.

The study manual included in this bundle is very well designed and helpful, but unfortunately they don’t have a sample available on their website.

The Coaching Actuaries Exam P manual is only available electronically, but the benefit of this is that you’ll always have the most up-to-date version. Also, in my opinion, the ADAPT technology is a bit more advanced than GOAL that is included with ASM and ACTEX.

Which study manual to choose

Any of these three of these options (ASM, ACTEX, Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Manual]) will be enough to fully prepare for your exam if you used them properly. But, going with ASM or ACTEX is the more affordable option.

Is it OK to use an old version of a study manual?

How To Download Coaching Actuaries Manual

Generally I recommend purchasing your study manual new. The new versions are the most up-to-date with any syllabus changes and they’ll include GOAL. In my opinion, having GOAL is extremely beneficial and I wouldn’t recommend going without either it or ADAPT.

Using an old version of the ACTEX or ASM manual is OK if you’re on a tight budget. It should be newer than 2015 though, otherwise it’s getting too outdated. Probability Generating Functions were added into the syllabus in 2018 so an older manual may not have any information on that.

Since Coaching Actuaries [Manual + ADAPT] is only available electronically, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version if you purchase it.

Online Seminars: TIA and Coaching Actuaries

Online seminars offer something that study manuals don’t: Video lessons!

If you prefer to learn by watching videos and having an instructor explain things to you through a slide-show type presentation, then an online seminar may be better for you. The most popular online seminars for Exam P are TIA (The Infinite Actuary) and the Coaching Actuaries [Learn + ADAPT] package.

Online seminars are more expensive than the ASM and ACTEX study manuals that I talked about earlier, especially if you’re not a student. Fortunately, student discounts are available at purchase on both the TIA package or the Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Learn] Bundle.

TIA Online Seminar for Exam P

To decide if this is a good option for you, you should first check out some of the sample videos to make sure that you like the teacher’s presentation style. You can find sample videos from the TIA seminar on their website.

I’ve heard lots of good things the TIA seminar, including:

1. The videos are very well done.
2. Instructors are able to answer your questions about the videos in the online forums.
3. Videos can be downloaded to your phone or tablet (only a certain # at a time) so that you can watch even when you don’t have internet access.

I also like the fact that TIA offers a Pass Guarantee (free 6 month extension of their online seminar) if you don’t pass the first time. That’ll save you some money in the unfortunate situation that it happens. Of course, you should read the conditions on their website for when this Pass Guarantee will apply.

Another great feature about the TIA seminar is that they assume no prior knowledge of the exam syllabus. So if you’re rusty on your calculus and algebra skills, or if you’ve never seen some of the concepts before, TIA should do a good job of teaching you everything you need to know right from the basics.

Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Learn] Bundle

Similar to TIA, you’ll also want to watch a video sample from Coaching Actuaries to make sure that you like the teaching style. You can watch a sample video here.

The [ADAPT + Learn] Bundle includes video lessons, ADAPT and an online study manual. ADAPT is similar to GOAL, which is included with the ASM and ACTEX study manuals. It gives you hundreds of practice problems, rated by difficulty level, so that you can gradually work on harder and harder problems as you improve.

Just like TIA, I’ve heard great things about the Coaching Actuaries seminar:

1. The videos are very well done.
2. Instructors are able to answer your questions about the videos in the online forums.
3. Most practice questions have video solutions.

Download Coaching Actuaries Manual

Like TIA, ASM and ACTEX, Coaching Actuaries also has a Pass Guarantee (on longer subscription lengths) so that you can get a free extension if you fail. Before purchasing, you should read the conditions in which this Pass Guarantee will apply though.

Which online seminar to choose

Deciding between these two options is a tough choice!

If you don’t have any prior calculus and algebra background (or if it has been a while since you studied it) then I recommend going with the TIA online seminar. They’re video lessons assume no prior knowledge of these concepts.

Coaching Actuaries Exam Fm

In any other situation, I recommend going with the Coaching Actuaries [ADAPT + Learn] option because of the ADAPT program that you’ll have access to is more advanced than the technology that TIA has for practice problems and exams. Also, if you’re not a student, this option is cheaper too.

Be careful when you’re purchasing study materials. Amazon and E-Bay are not reliable sources.

Download Coaching Actuaries Manuals

Here are my recommendations on where to purchase your Exam P study materials:

Study Strategy Program: Once you join, I can help you narrow down your options and choose which materials are best based on your preferred learning style and budget. You can go here to join.

ASM: Purchase on the ACTEX Mad River website. Here’s the link to ASM + your first month of my Study Strategy Program for Exam P.

ACTEX: Purchase on the ACTEX Mad River website. Here’s the link to ACTEX + your first month of my Study Strategy Program for Exam P. In the program I guide you step-by-step on how to prepare for your exam.

TIA: Purchase on their website. Get 23% off your first month in the Study Strategy Program by purchasing TIA and the program on the same day. Use discount code TIAP here to claim get this deal!

Coaching Actuaries: Purchase on their website. Get 23% off your first month in the Study Strategy Program by purchasing TIA and the program on the same day. Use discount code COACHINGP here to claim get this deal!