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Physics Simulation Software for the Classroom

The following simulations were developed by physics educators. Feel free to download and use the simulations you find interesting. You need a full edition or a homework edition (not a demo edition) of Interactive Physics to run the experiment.

SimPHY is a versatile simulator in which you can create from simple to complex simulations of Mechanics, Magnetics, Electrostatics, Optics, Current Electricity, Static Fluid and Math 2D geometry. Apart from it enables the option of Scripting that opens infinite many possibilities. Try SimPHY in Web Download Free Version.

To add your experiment to the library, please call 1-800-766-6615 or email us at [email protected]

Note: Interactive Physics is correlated to National and State Education Standards and Objectives.

  • Conservation Laws
  • Doppler Effects
  • Frequency
  • Gravitation
  • Kinematics
  • Particle Dynamics
  • Planar Motion
  • Rockets
  • Advanced Topics

Create custom mathematics and physics animations with this application that offers numerous design tools, which do not require any programming knowledge

Interactive Web Physics is a Java-based application that was created in order to help users with a solution for creating their own mathematics and physics animations. It will allow them to manage multiple projects, each one with its own array of customizable parameters, in accordance with the chosen topic / problem for the animation.

With Java as its main prerequisite, the application is deployed as a standalone JAR file that requires no installation or setup process, facilitating the handling for novice users. Since all the interaction with the program is carried out through its accessible menus and fields, people will not require any programming knowledge for creating the preferred animations.


The application will allow students, teachers and interested users to easily interact with mathematics or physics problems, thanks to its on-screen commands. Using theses controls, one will be able to initiate, pause or increase the speed with which the animation is presented, therefore obtaining the preferred output.

Users will be able to adjust the problem parameters with the help of the XML file reader contained in the application, which also allows them to easily display the inputted values on its graphs. All the rendering of the displacement, velocity and acceleration is automatic and people will have no trouble in viewing graphical correspondents of the parameters.

By making use of the designer module, one will be able to insert custom mathematical inputs, objects, vectors, window ranges and time parameters. Creating a function or equation system that makes an animation move can be achieved quite easily, therefore increasing the educational benefits of the application even more.

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Interactive Web Physics 4.1.2

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