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  1. Download Toyota Map Dvd Free Torrents Windows 10
  2. Download Toyota Map Dvd Free Torrents Download

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Download Toyota Map Dvd Free Torrents Windows 10

J.A.'s Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition
4Runner Information, Photographs, Modifications, Standard and Optional Equipment, Technical Specifications, 4Runner History, 4Runner Topsites and much more..
Main Menu
J.A.'s 2019 Rav4
J.A.'s 2007 4Runner
J.A.'s 1999 4Runner
My 2007 4Runner
Standard Equip.
Optional Equip.
Technical Specs.
Purchasing Info
Cargo Net
First Aid Kit
Floor Liners
Limited Grill
Storage Bin Pads
Fire Extinguisher
Cargo Organizer
Key Reminder Disable
Fulltime 12v Power
Fulltime 115v Power
Fog Light Mod
Map Light Mod
Led Interior 5k
Led Interior 6k
Led Exterior
Led Switchbacks
Footwell Lighting
HID Lighting
DVD Headrests
Nav Info & Map Updates
Nav Override
Nav Video
Anytime Camera Mod
Blind Spot Monitor
Sprint Booster
Android Headunit
Suspension Lift
Adjustable End Links
Air Lift
On Board Air
Tires: Revos
Tires: Duratracs
Wheel Spacers
HCF Delete
Skid Plate Bolts
Brake Fluid Flush
4Runner History
1st Gen 1984-1989
2nd Gen 1990-1995
3rd Gen 1996-2002
4th Gen 2003-2009
5th Gen 2010-2020
6th Gen 2021-203?
My Custom PC Build
4Runner Topsites
4Runner Friends
J.A.'s 1984 Cutlass

Toyota Factory Navigation

Toyota produces an annual update to the Factory Navigation Map DVD disc. These updates are typically released in the fall. The discs are shared among various Toyota and Lexus vehicles. OEM discs can be obtained from your local dealer. The MSRP for the update discs are typically $199, though the 11.1 release in October 2011 is priced at $169. Toyota says that the cost is such due to the fact that the navigation updates contain not only map data but POI (points of interest) and other information that must be obtained from several sources (NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas and InfoUSA) at a significant cost. Additionally, the data on the DVDs is verified by driving the routes to ensure the most accurate data is made available. Approximately 20% of all POI's are updated yearly, so it's database of 8.8 million points of interest has about 1.76 million updated POI's per release.
There are specific versions of the navigation disc for each version of navigation hardware. The below table summarizes the various hardware versions that were offered on the Toyota 4Runner from the factory. Also included are release notes for some of the disc updates.
Toyota Factory Navigation System - Hardware Generations
model year
Nav disc
2003 Gen 2-3 2.1
2004 Gen 3 3.1
2005 Gen 4 4.1
2006 Gen 4-5 5.1
2007 Gen 5 6.1
2008 Gen 5 7.1 Version 7.1 notes
2009 Gen 5 8.1 Version 8.1 notes
2010 Gen 6 9.1 Version 9.1 notes
2011 Gen 6 10.1 Version 10.1 notes
2012 Gen 6 11.1 Version 11.1 notes
2013 Gen 7 (uses micro SD card) 12.1 Version 12.1 notes
2014 Gen 7 (uses micro SD card) 13.1 Version 13.1 notes
2015 Gen 7 (uses micro SD card) 14.1 Version 14.1 notes
2016 Gen 8 (uses micro SD card) 15.1 Version 15.1 notes
2017 Gen 9 (uses micro SD card) 16.1 Version 16.1 notes (Gen5)
Version 16.1 notes (Gen6/7)

Since I have a 2007 Toyota 4Runner, it came pre installed with the Gen 5 U31 6.1 DVD map disc.I first upgraded to the Gen 5 U34 9.1 DVD map disc, then on to the Gen 5 U35 10.1 DVD map disc, Gen 5 U36 11.1 DVD map disc, Gen 5 U37 12.1 DVD map disc,Gen 5 U38 13.1 DVD map disc and ultimately to the Gen5 U39 14.1 DVD map disc .

Gen5 DVD Ver 6.1 U31

Gen5 DVD Ver 9.1 U34

Gen5 DVD Ver 10.1 U35

Gen5 DVD Ver 11.1 U36

Gen5 DVD Ver 12.1 U37

Gen5 DVD Ver 13.1 U38

Gen5 DVD Ver 14.1 U39

Gen5 DVD Ver 15.1 U40

Gen5 DVD Ver 16.1 U41

To confirm the database version and disc coverage area
1. Push the “MENU” button
2. Touch “Map DVD”

Map DVD Data Version 6.1

Map DVD Data Version 9.1

Map DVD Data Version 10.1

Map DVD Data Version 15.1

Map DVD Data Version 16.1

Alternatively, you can check and confirm the disc version using the diagnostic check feature:
  1. After the ignition switch is turned ON, check that the map is displayed before starting the diagnostic mode.
  2. While pressing and holding the 'INFO' switch, operate the parking light control switch: OFF Turn ON Turn OFF Turn ON Turn OFF Turn ON Turn OFF.
  3. The diagnostic mode starts and the 'System Check Mode' screen will be displayed. Service inspection starts automatically and the result will be displayed.

Info Button

System Check Screen

  1. The 'Diagnosis Menu' screen will be displayed by pressing the menu switch on the 'System Check Mode' screen as shown above.
  2. On the Navigation Check screen, press Parts Information.

Diagnosis Menu

Navigation Check Menu

Review the disc information.

Parts Information Screen 6.1

Parts Information Screen 9.1

Parts Information Screen 10.1

  1. Press and hold the 'DISPLAY' switch for 3 seconds.

My primary reason for upgrading was to get rid of the start up 'I Agree' screen. Beginning with version 7.1 this caution screen was modified so that you no longer need to push a button to procede past this safety instruction screen. It automically disappears after a 5 second wait.

Version 6.1
'I Agree' button requires pressing to continue

Version 9.1 & 10.1
'I Agree' button eliminated

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Download Toyota Map Dvd Free Torrents Download

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