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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a downloadable, free-to-play multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It’s a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a powerful, free multiplatform game (also available for Windows). Wolfenstein the old blood 695 installations, and last week it achieved 94 downloads About the download, Wolfenstein 3D is a relatively light game that doesn't need as much free space than the average program in the category PC games.

Below are downloads for the popular releases of the FREE mod, TrueCombat.
(*MWTC requires CoD4, which is not free)

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Full
(258mb 29-May-2003) includes 2.60b security patch
TrueCombat:Elite 0.49 Full
(453mb 29-Sept-2006)
TrueCombat:Elite 0.49b Patch
(6.48mb 01-Jan-2007)

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Full
(258mb 29-May-2003) includes 2.60b security patch
CQB Alpha 0.22 Full
(309mb 31-Mar-2011)
CQB Alpha 0.223 Patch
(10.1mb 30-Apr-2011)

TrueCombat 0.45b12 Full
( 89mb 28-Dec-2001)

TrueCombat 1.1 Full
( 5.53mb 18-Jan-2004)
TrueCombat 1.2 Patch
( 95.1mb 25-July-2004)
TrueCombat 1.3 Patch
( 55.6mb 18-Jan-2006)

MWTC Alpha 0.221 Patch
(10.5mb 23-Feb-2013)
MWTC Alpha 0.22
(151mb 14-Feb-2013)
MWTC Alpha 0.22 MDK
(1.3mb 14-Feb-2013) Mappers Development Kit
You need CoD4 to play MWTC.
Please refer to the installation guide on the Support page before installation.

TCE Game Overview
Player Guides
Player Models
Official Maps
Map Walkthroughs
TCE Map Depot
Nations Cup 2007
Nations Cup 2009
Q3TC 0.45 Overview
Player Manual
Player Models
Official Maps
Q3TC .45 Map Depot
TCUCL Season 1
Q3TC 1.0+ Overview
Game Features
Player Models
Official Maps
Q3TC 1.0+ Map Depot
TCLeague Seasons 2-6
Nations Cup 2004
CQB Alpha Overview
Official Maps

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Download Mac Os X

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    MWTC Public Alpha Release - February 14th!!
    Posted by Diane on Tuesday 05 February 2013 @ 08:33 EST
    MWTC 0221 Patch - Download Now!
    Posted by Diane on Saturday 23 February 2013 @ 10:44 EST
    CQB Alpha Patch 0.223 Now Available!
    Posted by Diane on Saturday 30 April 2011 @ 13:31 EDT
    Screens & Info For Mapping Contributors
    Posted by Diane on Sunday 09 September 2012 @ 16:46 EDT
    Download the MWTC Public Alpha NOW!
    Posted by Diane on Thursday 14 February 2013 @ 14:14 EST

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of the most popular free-to-play multiplayer shooters in the world. Pitting Axis against Allies in the ultimate team-based battle for Europe, it features six huge campaign maps, five character classes, and numerous weapons, tools and items. Did we mention it's completely free?

To download your copy, simply choose the version that's right for your operating system, as well as any required game updates, from the list below:


Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Mac Free


Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory


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