Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Patch 2.4

Dungeon Lords patch v1.4 - patch (hx) 09:18 PM CET - Feb,03 2006 - Post a comment DreamCatcher Interactive has released a new patch for Dungeon Lords, bringing the English edition of the third-person fantasy action role-playing game by Heuristic Park to version 1.4. Patch.This is the same patch that came out for German language versions in November.

  1. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Patch 2.4 Update
  2. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Patch 2.4 Notes
  3. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Patch 2.4 Download
  4. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Patch 2.4 Map
Updated:06:30 PM CEST Jul,23
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Dungeon Siege II Broken World [trainer +14]
Some options in this trainer are not reversible if you
SAVE YOUR GAME, so make sure you BACKUP!! any saved
games you have before using it, THANKYOU.
1. Double click trainer to run (you can do this from anywhere)
2. Load game
3. Press SHIFT-0 for the ingame menu and a list of your options.
IF you are having problems with the INGAME MENU displaying
then please just ALT-TAB out and then back into the game, this
will fix the problem.
This is a SPECIAL trainer which features a nice INGAME MENU for you to look
at and make sure you know exactly what options you have selected, when you
press SHIFT-0 it will turn the menu on and display the entire list of options
available to you, when you choose an option a small message appears onscreen to
let you know that you have selected the option, the menu has little icons
next to each option, GREEN indicates its ON and RED indicates its OFF.
This is a very simple option, you just turn it on and you have infinite health,
your health with show 0 in the main character screen just to show you that its
activated. This option works for all party members.
This is another MOUSE OVER option, enable this option and when you move your mouse
over an enemy they will suddenly become friendly. This is a great option to have
some fun with as the enemy will instantly start to attack the friendly foe.
Once you have activated this option you will be able to move your mouse over any
enemy and it will slow their movement to a CRAWL, you may have to keep it held over
the enemy for a second or two so that the values are updated for that creature.
When you turn this option on all skills are set to level 128 along with all relative
skill areas such as RANGED, NATURAL MAGIC etc. You can now use every skill in the game
without having to sweat over leveling up.
I suggest you turn this option on then make sure you have the levels by checking your
skills and then turn it off immediately. It can be risky leaving it on for long periods
of time.
Once you have activated this option you will be able to move your mouse over any
enemy and it will reduce their health to zero enabling you to kill them easily.
This is an indentical option to the HEALTH option above only this time it gives you
infinite mana, again the counter for mana in your character sheet will register
0 to show that the option is active.
When you obtain skills from your chosen class this option will remove the RECHARGE
time that you have to wait before you can cast it again. You will be able to cast
as many as you like with no pause at all.
This option will give your character a huge speed boost, you can run around at the
speed of light whizzing past all the monsters you like. You can also give this speed
boost to any FRIENDLY characters you like, just keep the option activated and move
your mouse over them, this way you wont leave your party behind.
To turn the option off you must first turn it off THEN restart ur current game because
the speed variables cannot be changed back once recalculated.
This option will stop all the fighting in the land, you can walk past any monsters of
any kind and they will not attack at all.
Another simple options that does what it says on the tin, turn option on and you get
lots of gold placed in ur gold stash, it doesnt go down until you turn the option off.
When you have activated this option you will get 3 additional keys to use.
press 7 - ADD 1 level to STRENGTH
press 8 - ADD 1 level to DEXTERITY
press 9 - ADD 1 level to INTELLIGENCE
all you have to do is move the mouse over ANY portrait of a member of your party and
while doing this press either F1, F2 or F3 for the desired effects. Best thing to do
is open up the stats so you can see them actually being added to.
This will set the world to WIREFRAME mode if you havent seen it before it looks pretty
amazing, it looks very cool in this game as you can see things a lot easier than just
running around in the bush all day.
Once you have turned this option ON!! you MUST!!! ALT-TAB out of the game and back into
it so that the game restarts its rendering with wireframe mode, the same goes for when
you turn the option off.
This is an option best NOT left on, turn it on, use it then turn it off.
Again using the portrait of a friendly in your party, when this option is activated
just run your mouse over the portrait and your fighters will become INSANE CHAOS
fighters, all spells will blast across the screen at the speed of light, they will
fire 1000 arrows a minute and will beat a whale to death in under 3 seconds with any
melee weapon you choose, this truely is chaotic :)
Ah, the best is always the last, this option will have you killing things in an instant
without them even knowing you are there, when activated this option will turn any melee
or ranged weapon YOU are holding into an ASSASSINS deadly tool, with it you will be able
to kill things from miles away, as soon as you can SEE an enemy you right click on him
and you will start to kill him immediately from where you stand, no more having to go up to
the enemy they will be dead before they can get near you.
If you want more quality trainers just like this one then make sure you visit
released on 10/08/06 by BLACK SHEEP PRODUCTIONS (C)

click here to downloadSerial number corel draw 2018.
(to unpack archives use: WinRar)
Google Chrome Annoying Download warning - click here to solve the problem.
if you cannot download trainer then go to Chrome/Firefox's settings, specifically to the Privacy settings and simply unchecking the 'Enable phishing and malware protection' option.

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