Enttec Dmx Usb Pro Drivers

Web App to configure, test and troubleshoot ENTTEC DMX USB Devices. Record to PRO Mk2

  • DMX USB Pro Mk2 is the next generation of powerful DMX USB Pro interfaces with 2 universe outputs (1024 channels) and standalone mode.
  • Supplied with every PRO Mk2 is a DMX Breakout cable (pn: 79146). It has a DB15 connector on one end, to connect to the PRO Mk2, and 3x 5pin DMX connectors on the other end, to connect to DMX fixtures as needed. Only ENTTEC branded cables should be used for DMX or MIDI Breakout, with PRO Mk2. DMX + MIDI breakout cable (pn: 79147), can be purchased.

ENTTEC DMXUSB Pro Driver, free download. ENTTEC: System Utilities. Jul 21, 2021 This will go through the driver install process and copy the relevant files. Once done, it will show the completion screen, highlighting that the drivers have been installed correctly. If your device is still not discovered following installation of the correct driver, unplug and re-plug your DMX USB Pro, or restart your computer. Configure & test supported ENTTEC USB devices with PRO-Manager. Send DMX patterns or use Faders to test DMX Output. Supports Art-Net to DMX. Standalone mode supports Art-Net recording for Pixie Driver and Pro Mk2. Test DMX Receive on supported devices. Change Settings on your ENTTEC USB devices.

Manage, Test and Update

The PRO-Manager application is used to manage, test, upgrade and configure compatible ENTTEC DMX USB products on Windows or MacOS.


  • Configure & test supported ENTTEC USB devices with PRO-Manager
  • Send DMX patterns or use Faders to test DMX Output
  • Supports Art-Net to DMX
  • Standalone mode supports Art-Net recording for Pixie Driver and Pro Mk2
  • Test DMX Receive on supported devices
  • Change Settings on your ENTTEC USB devices


Compatible Devices

  • Next generation of DMX/USB interfaces with 2-universe (1024ch) output and standalone mode. An all-in-one, convenient and slim interface.


  • Single universe (512ch) control software for Mac,PC, VST and Audio unit. Midi enabled, includes USB/DMX interface module.


  • Smart Pixel strip Driver, the Pixie Driver controls 2 Universes of LED pixels over two outputs and can drive up to 600 LEDs. The PIXIE DRIVER provides an all-in-one powered pixel driver perfect to minimize any pixel lighting setup.

    Pixie Driver

  • DMX USB Pro is the Industry standard DMX USB Interface for DMX/RDM. Control your lights from PC or Mac programs


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The latest industry standard of DMX interfaces
Enttec Dmx Usb Pro Drivers

The DMX USB Pro Mk2 interface builds on the functionality of the original DMX USB Pro to provide even more functionality in a smaller footprint.
Introducing the new industry standard DMX/USB interface. The DMX USB Pro MK2 can control up to 1024 DMX channels or receive them through one simple USB 2.0 connection. It interacts with a broad array of supported 3rd party commercial and free software running on either PCs or Macs. The Pro MK2 is fully backward compatible with any software that already works with the original DMX USB Pro to support a single universe. In addition to doubling the channel capacity of the existing DMX USB Pro, the Pro MK2 introduces a new standalone playback function.

The DMX USB Pro MK2 also features an internal frame buffer for consistent DMX generation when outputting. This means it isn’t dependent on your PC’s processor to regulate a steady, reliable flow of data to your fixtures regardless of your PC’s workload. With industry standard-5 pin input and output connectors using the included breakout cable, you can plug your Pro MK2 directly into a fixture for quick on-site RDM analysis (in combination with 3rd party software). With ENTTEC’s free Pro Manager software, a 1 universe DMX stream can be recorded using Art-Net and then imported into your Pro MK2 or directly through the Pro MK2’s DMX input port. This can be saved onto the USB Pro Mk2’s internal memory for infinite looping or for one-time playback following powerup.

Enttec Dmx Usb Pro Interface

Perfect for art installations, shop displays or any other space requiring up to 512 channels of reliable DMX playback. Each DMX port features 1500V full isolation for both Data and power lines. You can rest assured that your computer will be protected from any stray voltages and faults that may occur on the DMX line. Delays and dropouts are history, even under heavy use, thanks to a CPU six times faster than the previous generation. Its machined aluminium hardware and tough black anodised finish ensure the DMX USB Pro MK2 is a durable road warrior. Another great feature is the status and activity of the DMX USB Pro MK2 that can be viewed quickly using it’s RGB LED status indicator to show per-port the DMX activity or if a connection error has been detected or if 3rd party software has sent an unsupported command.

Delays and dropouts are history, even under heavy use, thanks to a CPU six times faster than the previous generation. A machined aluminium box ensures the DMX USB PRO MK2 is a durable road warrior. And its black anodised finish makes it the best-looking device in its class.


Control lights from your computer

Connect your favourite supported control software to your lights. The next generation of USB interfaces is here, with a smaller footprint yet more features: 2 universe (1024 channels) and Standalone operation.

Most powerful CPU

Newly-designed electronics with a CPU 6 times faster than the previous generation guarantees no delays or drop-outs to your lights, even under heavy use.

Attention to detail

The custom-designed and precisely CNC-machined aluminium box gives the product outstanding durability for on the road use. The deep black, tough anodised finish, makes it the best looking device in its class.

Unparalleled connectivity

Two fully-isolated DMX/RDM outputs or inputs can control up to 1024 channels. No need to carry multiple devices; the DMX USB PRO Mk2 does it all.

Standalone playback

Standalone mode allows you to store your light show inside the DMX USB PRO MK2 and play it back without connecting your PC. Ultra reliable, the inbuilt memory allows recording of full 512 channel light show. This feature is ideal for architectural, retail and display applications.

Outstanding control software

Windows PC and Apple OSX, D-PRO is the official supported control software for the DMX USB PRO MK2.

  • Fully backward-compatible with all software titles that support DMX USB PRO
  • Dual, fully independent, DMX ports each with full RDM capability
  • Package includes micro USB cable and break out cable (DMX only)
  • Standalone operation for unattended replay of 512 channel lighting shows
  • One firmware version supports all features
  • Aesthetically slim-profile, machined aluminium box
  • True 1500V isolation separating all DMX ports from each other (protect your computer and each data line from surges)
  • Internal frame buffering (preserve data integrity when computer is busy)
  • Utilizes the FTDI chipset, (compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux etc.)
  • Stores configuration and user data in EEPROM
  • Refresh rate configurable from 1 to 40Hz
  • Break time configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS
  • MaB time configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Security / software protection API

Compatible Apps

Recommended App

Enttec Usb Pro Mk2

  • D-PRO 2U is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC.
  • includes D-PRO Player, a touch screen friendly interface to easily control your cues.
  • An OSC controller (such as TouchOSC) can be used to remotely control D-Pro.
  • Windows and Mac OSX compatible.
  • D-PRO 2U is the official ENTTEC App, and it supports all features of DMX USB PRO Mk2, and we will back with our ENTTEC support.

3rd Party Apps

  • Capture Windows
  • Chamsys MagicQ Windows
  • DAZL Windows
  • Freestyler Windows
  • LightFactory Windows
  • Lightforge Windows
  • Lightkey Mac OSX
  • liveShowsoftware Windows / MacOS
  • Millumin Mac OSX
  • Plexus Windows
  • QLab 4 Mac
  • QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
  • Show Cue Systems Windows
  • ENTTEC provides no guarantee that these 3rd party Apps will support all features of the DMX USB PRO Mk2. Please check their relevant software documentation for details.






Sample Shows


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  • EMU (DMXIS’s next generation) is a state-of-the-art, intuitive sound-to-light controller designed for professional live musicians and DJs. Easy to use software, EMU allows you to run automated or responsive DMX light shows, leaving you to focus on your show!


  • 4-Channel, Installation-Grade, Constant Voltage LED dimmer

    Robust and reliable, ENTTEC’s CVC4 is the ultimate high fidelity, constant voltage (CV) LED dimmer. Prepare to take your CV projects to the next level!


  • D-Split is a 1 to 4 DMX512 Opto splitter allowing you to send a signal in different directions or to increase the number of fixtures you can send to your signal to DMX. Comes with two 5-pin and two 3-pin outputs.


  • The DIN-RDS4 MK1 is a 4 port DMX/RDM isolated splitter. It can be used in distributing and isolating DMX/RDM signals.

    DIN-RDS4 MK1