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Download FlowJo 10.0 for Mac free latest version offline setup. FlowJo 10.0 for Mac is a professional application to analyze and display the flow cytometric data and provides a variety of analysis tools for microscopic particles.

  1. Flow Cytometry Software Free Mac Download

FlowJo 10.0 for Mac Review

The FlowJo 10 is among the best analysis applications for handling the FCM data i.e. Flow Cytometry. The application provides complete support to display and analyze the cytometric data as well as provides complete support for analyzing the microscopic particles i.e. cells and chromosomes etc.
The flow cytometer extracts the properties of the cells and the phenotypes using the fluorescence emission. After collecting the data, this powerful application analyzes and displays the flow data. It is also possible to display the data in single or multiple dimensional histograms.
It makes very convenient for the researchers to study any health disorder and make it possible to check for any cancer cells. Change various properties and extract useful information for both clinical and research purposes. All in all, it is a reliable environment for analyzing microscopic particles and provides complete support for Flow Cytometric data.

ModFit is a flow cytometry-based DNA analysis software that operates in the PC Windows or Mac environment. It is designed to read.fcs files acquired on any model flow. Powerful and intuitive flow cytometry data analysis. Order a free 30-day fully functional test version below. Show all MACSQuantify products Background information.

Features of FlowJo 10.0 for Mac

Some of the features of FlowJo 10.0 for Mac are:

  • Powerful analysis application
  • Analyze the flow cytometric data
  • Uses Flow Cytometry or FCM
  • Count and analyze the flow cytometric data
  • Analyze the microscopic particles
  • Displaying the flow data as 2D and 3D histograms
  • Logarithmic measurements with higher precision
  • Helps in studying the health disorders and cancer cells
  • Define different instances in multiple groups
  • Change the properties of the groups
  • Perform different operations individually
  • Many other powerful options and features

Technical Details of FlowJo 10.0 for Mac

  • File Name: Tree_Star_FlowJo_X_10.0.7_R2_macOS.zip
  • File Size: 72 MB
  • Developer: FlowJo LLC

System Requirements for FlowJo 10.0 for Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • 2 GB minimum RAM
  • 1 GB free HDD
  • Intel Multi-Core Processor

FlowJo 10.0 for Mac Free Download

Download FlowJo 10.0 latest version free standalone offline setup for Mac OS X by clicking the below button.

More Info

Fast, accurate, automatic analysis

Trained on thousands of samples, ModFit LT features a robust analysis engine. The sophisticated peak detection system identifies ploidy patterns and dynamically creates models to match. AutoDebris™, AutoAggregate™, and AutoLinearity™ make analysis robust and consistent. No other cell cycle analysis software comes close!

Cycle Analyzer™

Ploidy determinations are no longer bound to the peak order. Make use of internal standards or an external reference to determine which cycle is classified as Diploid. Any number of cell cycles can be analyzed.

Customized reports

From letterhead graphics to text, ModFit LT imports from the clipboard everything you need to create your own reusable report templates. Save your custom reports with all the text formatting, analysis information, and even the histogram data.

Database and graphic output

ModFit LT allows you to automatically add to a database each time you analyze a data file. Select the items you want to database from an extensive list of results and keywords supported in the sample. Output can be easily opened by programs like Microsoft Excel and your LIS.

Batch processing

Process groups of data files with ease using ModFit LT. The batch system automatically loads data, analyzes, and saves reports. Plus, you can batch process reports for easy review of analysis and printing.

Short learning curve

Simple design and operation make ModFit LT easy to learn and use. We have even created video tutorials to help you get going as quickly as possible.

Download a free version of ModFit LT Rule-Based Training System with your purchase.

New Features

Click here for the latest features and improvements in ModFit LT.


Automatic and manual analysis

While auto analysis is used for the majority of histograms, you can take control of scaling, model selection, and range positioning for manual analysis. A Quick Model Editor makes it easy to make adjustments to the model.

Configuration options

Your system can be custom configured for linearity, S-phase modeling, number of standards, and model colors used by the program. In addition, peak-finding adjustments can fine-tune the program to the subtleties of your data.

Listmode gating

Create high-resolution, 2-parameter gates to select the population to be analyzed. Freehand and polygonal regions make gating quick and efficient, yet each can be modified with the click of a mouse. Gate graphics appear on the report page automatically, making live gate adjustments a snap.

Flow Cytometry Software Free Mac Download

DDE support

Windows versions support Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), allowing users to create custom extensions and automation solutions for cytometry analysis.

Proven Models

Models built from Gaussian, rectangle, trapezoid, polynomial, AutoDebris™, and AutoAggregate™ components are processed by the Marquardt nonlinear least-squares analysis. The models used in ModFit LT's cytometric analysis have been tested with thousands of histograms to ensure accurate results. Color7 video converter crack free download.

Quantitative S-phase assessment system

Based on a statistical method for determining the standard deviation for the S-phase estimate, ModFit LT provides a p-value for classifying your S-phase result within your laboratory cutoffs.

S-phase cutoff values

Enter your S-phase cutoff values for any type of tissue you analyze. Separate cutoffs are provided for DNA Diploid, DNA Aneuploid, and Total (Average) S-phase percentages.

Synchronization and Cell-Tracking wizards

Analyze synchronized cell lines and other perturbed samples with powerful models created by a simple-yet-sophisticated wizard. Choose from options in the wizard dialog to match the model to your data, and let the wizard do the rest. You can even analyze cell-tracking dye samples like CSFE with the Cell-tracking wizard.