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Quick question… What’s a good way to inject analog life into a cold digital mix?

Well, you could start with recording your tracks using a tape machine… But in this digital world, who’s got time for that?

Hear these two great tape plugins and go pick them up!:)Both are available for both Mac and Pc & both 32 bit and 64 bit!CD Soundmaster R2RFree:http://cdsoun.

So one of your best bets is a tape emulation plugin. And this post will introduce a few of them to you. Plus go over a few of their features.

So, what are the best tape emulation plugins, you say?

  • Kramer Tape Stereo Vst Free Download Mediafire. Use it anywhere to add some character and distortion. Drag it on your vocal track to add shimmer. The great thing about this one is how simple it is: literally one knob and a switch. Change the switch setting to choose between the kind of distortion you’ll get.
  • Kramer Master Tape is – unsurprisingly – designed for mastering, and this is probably just as well considering it is heavier on the cpu than other options. BeatSkillz REELight. REELight – which presumably rhymes with delight – is a tasty offering from BeatSkillz with ‘reel’ character (please punch me for that one).

Quick answer: Check out the Virtual Tape Machines (VTM) by Slate Digital and Satin by u-he. Those two are our top recommends, with Satin being the cheapest.

But there are some other great Waves plugins here for you if you’d want to take look at those.

Now, let’s take a closer look 🙂

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Tape Emulation Plugin Buying Guide

Back in the day of analog produced music, engineers used big tape machines to record tracks (Wikipedia link). In fact, within the age of the DAW you can actually see this “tape machine” metaphor in use in the way the digital audio workstation works.

On your arranger view, there are strips of rows that contain either your MIDI notes or waveform of your audio files. You can cut these up, splice, copy, past, move them around… These are your “tapes.”

But they won’t have that “tape sound” because, well, they are visual representations of digits on a computer screen. A great GUI to work with… but not like the real thing.

In comes the tape saturation plugin, which is used to emulate the sound of those old analog tape machines of yore, giving you that warmth that is usually limited in the digital realm.

How does Tape Saturation work?

Tape saturation introduced ‘warmth’ into the music recorded on tapes in earlier times.

When instruments or vocalists were taped and re-taped multiple times and mixed with one another at various stages producing, you would’ve gotten various stages of warmth in your mix.

Each of these tape recordings had minor noise and distortions that are not evident in each recording. But they do accumulate in the final mix to introduce a warming effect.

As time went on, analog tape recording in modern day digital technologies eliminated these distortions. But we also lost that warm sound effect that the noise introduced.

We call these noises “audio saturation.” More about what that is from this Music Radar article.

Zte mf100 unlock code generator free download. Moving forward, software developers, working with engineers, created a plugin to deliberately introduce noise into the tracks, hence emulating the effect of tape records.

This technique is referred to as Tape Emulation and is typically applied by adding plugins to your desired track, or to your entire mix. The tape saturation plugins can be applied to the output of each instrument or can be collectively applied to the master track, or even both!

One of the cool “side effects, so to speak, is that you not only get a more rich sound with grit and character, but a tape emulation plugin can really help to booth the apparent loudness off you mix if done right.

With all that said, let’s take a look at best saturation plugins to get.

Best Tape Emulation Plugins to Get

Several tape emulation plugins are available on the market today. Here are some of the most recommended online.

Virtual Tape Machines (VTM) by Slate Digital

The VTM plugin by Slate Digital provides a tape effects on music recordings by emulating two authentic tape machines, a 16-track 2-inch tape machine, and a ½ inch stereo mastering deck, and providing control of bias, tape speed, and tape type. These options give you sufficient flexibility to apply tape effects on recordings, plus control the level of warmth to hear in your tracks.

It requires a minimum Quad Core i5 processor and 4GBs of RAM and supports multiple plugin formats for both MAC and Windows computers.


Several users recommend the use of Slate’s VTM plugin although the majority of them highlight that it tends to make the sound slightly louder, so you might need some sound normalization, just as a heads up.

Since it emulates the effect of two good-sounding tape machines, it is known to appropriately mimic the tape effect, provided the controls are well adjusted. You can check out thread over at Gearslutz to see what others say.

The plugin’s interface is also super user-friendly which allow you to adjust the controls freely. It’s also quite affordable, and many producers say that it’s worth its cost. Check it out.


Satin by u-he

Another great plugin, the Satin plugin by u-he models the different components of a tape machine, rather than the machine as a single unit, and emulates their interaction between one another to produce the desired distortion. The key feature of this saturation plugin is its flexibility, as it gives you the ability to select the parts of the machine to be emulated… it’s as if you’re constructing your own customized tape machine!

It also allows producers to introduce the desired delay and flange, by introducing up to 4 tape head emulations and phase shifting capabilities. Also, Satin is featured with a decoder that can be used for format conversion of the recorded track. Pretty good.

As far as compatibility goes, Satin can operate on MAC, Windows and Linux operating systems with as low as 1 GB RAM, yet the higher the available RAM, the faster its operation will be.

Many users prefer Satin because of its high flexibility and a large number of parameters available for user control, which makes them able to reach a specific tone or a particular feel that they’re looking for. It’s particularly preferred on the subtle settings where it is found to provide the best output. However, although its specifications mention only 1GB RAM requirements, several users say that it consumes a lot of CPU resources if a large number of variables are included in the emulation process simultaneously. So if you have a powerful laptop or computer with recommended specs, you should be good.


Waves J37 Tape

Many of you may not need any introductions when it comes to Waves. As for the plugin itself, Waves J37 Tape was built by emulating the famous Abbey Road Studio tape machine together with three tape emulation models. Collectively the plugin provides accurate emulation of the tape effect with good warmth. Image having an Abbey Roads tape machine in your DAW? Anyway, it enables bias, tape speed, wow and flutter controls among others, on a machine level emulation, as well as a tape delay feature with three delay types.

Compatibility-wise, it operates on MAC and Windows operating systems and requires 8GB of RAM for smooth operation, and is supported by most audio hosts. The original price of this product is quite high for some, but Waves is known for offering big discounts from time to time, so take a look to see if you’re lucky.

Users are mostly highly satisfied with its delay implementation capabilities, a few maybe not so about its bulky interface. Also, since the recommended settings state 8GB RAM, it is quite heavy on the host CPU. Moreover, it is quite sensitive and may produce extreme effects to minor changes in the distortions applied. Good plugin overall, but take those considerations into account.


Waves Kramer Master Tape

Another plugin by Waves, the Kramer Master Tape is an earlier tape emulator produced before they introduce J37. Kramer Master is modeled on a vintage ¼” reel-to-reel machine and has adjustable controls for bias, wow, flutter and tape speed. Kramer Master is slightly more expensive than the J37 product of the same company although J37 was released later.

Reviews on Waves Kramer Master are quite controversial, particularly when compared to the J37 of the same company. While some users are satisfied with it, the majority of users who experienced the Kramer Master were disappointed with the output and had to purchase the J37 to get the effects they desire. It is thought that Waves released Kramer as a response to the release of Slate’s VTM and hence was rushed through and not-well-thought-of. Nevertheless, users have agreed on its desirability for some effects, but it is not recommended as a complete all-in-one product.

That said, it works on MAC and Windows operating systems and requires 8GBs of RAM. If you want to check it out, take a look.


TapeDesk by Overloud

Overloud TapeDesk is a tape emulator plugin that combines both a tape machine model and multiple console models to provide the desired warm analog effect. In particular, it simulates a 2” 24-track tape machine and three analog consoles while faithfully replicating the interaction between all four parts.

Perhaps one of the best reasons for getting TapeDesk is that it requires low CPU resources to simulate all the sub-components in the original units it models. So if you’re watching your computer’s power resources, this could be a good option for you.

There are generally positive reviews from users online. If you’re interested in demoing the product online, some were usually frustrated by the complicated procedure needed to get an offline demo. Once it is operational, users are satisfied with its output response, particularly with its noticeable low CPU usage.


Final Thoughts

That said, which one to get?

Well, the Satin plugin by u-he provides a larger number of controls when compared to Slate’s VTM. This is because it allows you to introduce the effect of each component of the tape machine on its own rather than controlling the overall tape machine response. For that reason, Satin wins as the best tape saturation plugin.

Nevertheless, Satin requires more CPU resources for the emulation process which could be quite heavy on the computer used. Slate’s VTM will be less demanding, so it wins out on Satin for that. Keep in mind the cost of both products is quite comparable to Satin being slightly cheaper.

Kramer Master and J37 are both products by Waves. Users who have experienced both tend to prefer J37 as it provides a larger number of presets and hence better control and better outputs. Nevertheless, J37 has been reported to consume higher CPU resources; yet this means that it applies deeper processes to the records which justify its more desirable output.

While Overloud’s TapeDesk may not provide the best or most desirable output when compared to the other four products, it is highly recommended for people with scarce CPU resources as its usage is significantly low. This highly-desirable feature gives this product a strong plus point when compared with all others.

Both Waves products (J37 and Kramer Master) are more expensive than the other plugins described in this article.

Kramer Master Tape Vst download free. full

Satin by u-he is the cheapest whereas Slate’s VTM and TapeDesk by Overloud have almost the same price.

Lots of people are obsessed with the ‘warmth’ of analog studio gear. Sure—it sounds fuller, more human, more present.

But these days, modeling technology has become really good at simulating the effects of analog circuitry. Our computers and DAW apps are powerful enough to handle these VST workhorses.

So forget about spending tons of money on analog gear.

Here’s 7 VSTs (for both PC and Mac) that will give you that sweet analog warmth.

  1. SGA1566 Tube Preamp
  2. TDR Slick EQ
  3. Ace Amp
  4. Molot Compressor
  5. Voxengo Tube Amp
  6. MJUC jr. Compressor
  7. Softube Saturation Knob

What’s all the analog fuss about?

Ok, so what does analog circuitry do to your sound? What’s everyone so obsessed about?

What people like about analog sound are the quirks and imperfections.

So when people talk about ‘warm analog sound’ they’re referring to:

  • Subtle distortion and drive
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Tape Saturation
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Preamps

What these processes do to your sound is often hardly noticeable. That’s what the magic’s about—you won’t hear them, but they’ll make a huge difference in how your track sounds and feels.

The cumulative effect of analog processes is what people are gushing about.

1. SGA1566 Tube Preamp

Best Tape Vst

Shattered Glass Audio’s SGA 1566 gives you a single channel vintage tube preamp. The whole circuit is simulated in real time to get you that authentic analog sound.

Use the SGA 1566 as a saturation compressor to boost the warmth of your track. Or add a bit of grit with the tube overdrive.

The newest version is also lighter on your CPU––so no computer freak outs!!

Download the SGA 1566 for free here.

2. TDR Slick EQ

“This little guy sounds amazing” –Dave Pensado

The TDR Slick EQ is a sleek easy-to-use three-band EQ that gives you amazing sound—like all Tokyo Dawn Records plugins.

Warm up your sound by choosing a non-linear option under Output Stage. That’ll add subtle harmonic distortion and texture.

Download the TDR SlickEQ for free here.

3. Ace Amp

Ace Amp—another Shattered Glass Audio creation—is based on classic 1950s style tube amps.

Control the input, volume, feedback, output. Choose between three resampling options.

This amp plugin has simple controls and doesn’t eat up your CPU.

Hot Tip: Try it on vocals for a cool aesthetic effect.

Download the Ace for free here.

4. Molot Compressor

Vladg’s Molot is a compressor with character. Even the vintage Soviet look is on point.

Molot will give your sound interesting color. I recommend reading the manual to learn how to tune it properly—it’s worth the read.

Download Molot for free here.

5. Voxengo Tube Amp

Voxengo’s Tube Amp gives you warm overdrive, fuzzy distortion and everything in between.

It imitates tube overdrive in the style of single-tube mic preamps.

Hot Tip: Use the low-pass filter to imitate the texture of lower-quality tubes.

Download Voxengo’s Tube Amp for free here.

6. MJUC jr. Compressor

Klanghelm’s MJUC jr. compressor is simple and elegant.

Use it for smooth compression or a heavier pumping effect. MJUC jr. is based on vintage compressors of the 1960s––it even looks like one.

Flip the ‘Time Constants’ switch to choose between slow, fast and auto. This changes the attack and release time. It affects other parts of the circuitry too, giving you interesting analog-style saturation.

Download the MJUC jr. for free here.

7. Softube Saturation Knob

This Saturation Knob is one the best free analog emulation plugins out there. Even Dave Pensado gives it two thumbs up!

Use it anywhere to add some character and distortion. Drag it on your vocal track to add shimmer.

The great thing about this one is how simple it is: literally one knob and a switch. Change the switch setting to choose between the kind of distortion you’ll get.

Download the Softube Saturation Knob for free here.

Fake It Till Ya Make It

These effects are the missing ingredient in your digital sound.

The key with analog emulation is to avoid overdoing it. Bring in the effect until you hear it, then dial it back a notch. It’ll still make a huge difference. Your sound will be fuller and warmer.

Kramer Master Tape Vst Download Free Mp3

Use these plugins and people will be asking for your studio secrets in no time.

Kramer Master Tape Vst download free, software

Make sure to grab the whole LANDR-approved free VST plugin collection:

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