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Barbra Streisand The Way We Were Lyrics
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The Way We Were Lyrics by Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand The Way We Were Lyrics

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ti:Memory ar:Barbara Streisand offset:500 【】Memory 【】Barbra Streisand 【】Coolyman leave night, Not a sound from the pavement Has the moon lost her memory She is smiling alone In the lamplight The withered leaves collect at my feet And the wind begins to moan Memory, all alone in the moonlight I can drink of the old days. Live In Concert 2006. Guilty Pleasures. In 1980 Barbra Streisand teamed up with Barry Gibb to make the classic, Guilty, one of the best albums of her career. Now the two have reunited for a satisfying sequel, Guilty Pleasures, that will be a pleasant nostalgia trip for fans of the original. The Moon and I - Barbra Streisand, Legrand, Michel 6. A Piece of Sky - Barbra Streisand, Legrand, Michel 7. I Know Him So Well - Barbra Streisand, Andersson, Benny 8. If I Loved You - Barbra Streisand, Rodgers, Richard 9. Putting It Together - Barbra Streisand, Sondheim, Stephen 10. Over the Rainbow - Barbra Streisand, Harburg, E.Y.

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01 - Memory.mp3Barbra StreisandMemory3:563.6 MB
02 - You Don't Bring Me Flowers.mp3Barbra StreisandYou Don't Bring Me Flowers3:263.1 MB
03 - My Heart Belongs To Me.mp3Barbra StreisandMy Heart Belongs To Me3:243.1 MB
04 - Wet.mp3Barbra StreisandWet3:593.7 MB
05 - New York State Of Mind.mp3Barbra StreisandNew York State Of Mind4:464.4 MB
06 - A Man I Loved.mp3Barbra StreisandA Man I Loved4:023.7 MB
07 - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).mp3Barbra StreisandNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)4:454.4 MB
08 - Comin' In And Out Of Your Life.mp3Barbra StreisandComin' In And Out Of Your Life4:113.8 MB
09 - Evergreen (Love Theme From -A Star Is Born-).mp3Barbra StreisandEvergreen (Love Theme From -A Star Is Born-)3:082.9 MB
10 - I Don't Break Easily.mp3Barbra StreisandI Don't Break Easily3:543.6 MB
11 - Kiss Me In The Rain.mp3Barbra StreisandKiss Me In The Rain4:214.0 MB
12 - Lost Inside Of You.mp3Barbra StreisandLost Inside Of You4:003.7 MB
13 - The Love Inside.mp3Barbra StreisandThe Love Inside5:074.7 MB
14 - The Way We Were.mp3Barbra StreisandThe Way We Were3:313.2 MB
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