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Platinum Notes Download

  • So I’ve just invested in MIK and after scanning in claims around 50% of my tunes need fixing with Platinum notes. These are all new tracks from Juno. So really my question is, how many of you out there are using it and is it worth the money?

    Thanks again

    I’m not using it and it’s not worth the money. Seriously, audio engineers spend years learning how to master tracks properly. Do you really think a $100 program that does everything automatically is going to beat that?

    I like Platinum Notes for when I rip vinyl and freebies I get from bedroom producers.

    I agree though I don’t use it on purchased MP3s from sites like Beatport and Traxsource.

    I think it is worth it. Their clip removal works pretty good actually. Also they use very high end plugins to get the desired effects. And frankly, short of being a professional with access to the best gear and a ridiculous amount of time on your hands, this is the next best thing. It isn’t mastering software, but it does do what it is supposed to do, reduce/remove clipped peaks, level gain (in a much better way than MP3 gain or the autogain feature of your DJ software), dynamic restoration (primarily expanding with todays overcompressed tracks). Optional is the “warmth” option. In the highest setting it gets a bit close to being gimmicky, in the lower setting it becomes a matter of taste. But you can switch it off, so needn’t be an issue.

    This is all using the default profile (which will work fine for most people). If you ARE someone who knows a bit more about this stuff, you can change a heap of settings and make your own profile.

    So yes, I never regretted buying it.


    p.s. I am a qualified/licensed live/studio sound engineer 😀

    It creates a new file. Usually adding “_pn” to the file name.

    Yeah. And you can choose in what format it needs to save them. So even if you are running several file formats through it, you can have it all come out in one format (handy :-). Also you can specify if you want the new files in the same folder as the original, or in a different folder (the latter being handy if you want to batch remove the _pn from the name).

    You get to choose from AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3 320 CBR, MPR 192 VBR adn WAV.


    I think PN does have a positive effect on my tunes. I use it and recommend it.

    I also understand people’s concern with it. Fl studio mobile app free download for android. My recommendation is that people trial it and do an A/B comparison and decide if it’s for them.

    There are a few things to be said about this comparison (and some of it has been said in the comments actually). The best way to try is do a blind A/B yourself. On your gear, not streamed from internet.

    One thing that you can’t deny is that you can hear differences between the clips. Now which one you like is up to you, but it does something audible.

    At the end of the day your ears need to be the judge I guess.


    Sorry for being late to this conversation but I also want to recommend Platinum Notes. The elimination of clipping alone makes it a worthy investment. The amount of clipping in music files, whether in WAV, AIFF, or MP3 format is incredibly surprising.

    Actually, my workflow has become: (1) buy the song from Taxsource, Juno or Beatport, lately in WAV format for a reason I explain further below; (2)process it with Platinum Notes, which as stated earlier creates a new file, in my case my choice is the Apple Lossless mp4 format; (3) use MetaBliss (also from the MIK people) to properly edit all MP3MP4 tags for a reason I explain further below; (4) process the file with Mixed-in-Key so it adds BPM and Key to the comments tag; (5) add the file to iTunes, where I add it to the appropriate playlist(s).

    I use MetaBliss because WAV files don’t come with the appropriate tags for title, artist, album, etc. Even if you buy MP3 320 files they don’t necessarily come properly tagged. Plus I like to enter in the genre tag my own genre labels and other stuff per articles I’ve read here and at DTT.

    The **question** I have, however, is this: I used to simply buy either Apple AAC or MP3 320 files but once I begun using Platinum Notes I began to wonder if this was the best workflow because it would be making changes in one compressed file format and then save the file to another compressed file format, which in theory, it seems to me, could be problematic. This is why I decided to buy WAV files and save them as Apple Lossless MP4s. What do you guys think?

    I know there’s a long and often heated debate among DJs on whether MP3 320s or Apple’s AAC files can sound good enough when compared with WAV or AIFF.

    However, that’s not the nature of my concern. Rather, as someone coming from a film editing background, my sense is that processing and saving a file from one compressed format to another compressed format can generate problems. Those are easily detected in video files but I wonder if the same logic applies to music files.

    Could you guys share your wisdom on this?

    Re-encoding can always be problematic, the question is how you do it and which encoder you are using.
    I do not know how the inner workings of platinum notes work, so I cannot comment if the end result would be better from WAV or mp4 source material.

    Why I do know is that for some remixing purposes I did decode mp4 to WAV and then use real good encoding to redo it as an mp4 256k and it worked out nicely if done properly.

    But as a film editor you know that the end result when compressing in a workflow can be hugely different whatever compressing tools and settings you are using. So knowing your compressor/encoder and choosing your encoding parameters nicely the result can look hugely different.


Platinum Notes Free Download Windows

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Platinum Notes Free Download Mac

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