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Botting the app of where nike releases most exclusive sneakers, is difficult. Only a couple bots achieved to have success on this app. Let’s talk about those. Before we do that though, you need to know a few things. Botting nike SNKRS is difficult, you need to pick a good SNKRS bot.

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With nike SNKRS bots we live from drop to drop, meaning, most of the time there isn’t a bot which has success every drop. You need loads of stuff in order to succeed even with the correct bot, making it risky to invest to bot on Nike SNKRS app. Now, let’s take a look at the bots.

  1. Better Nike Bot. Recognized as one of the industry’s oldest Nike bots, or sneaker bots in that sense, Better Nike Bot started out strong on Nike releases. It’s got over 30 supported websites and retails for $ 200! It is also in stock, which is refreshing since most sneaker bots are always OOS. But as you know, Nike’s growing potential to.
  2. Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world.
  3. Most people claiming to offer you a bot for free is either clickbait, a Craigslist scam, or just talking about some urban legend. Sneaker bots are not a risk-free investment, especially if your first experience with “best bots” includes bots like Cyber, Kodai, or Ganesh – all with insanely unrealistic retail prices and are never in stock.


Nike Bot #1 – Ghost SNKRS Bot

So the first bot I want to discuss is Ghost SNKRS. Ghost SNKRS is on average a really good SNKRS bot, but then on average, it’s risky. Ghost SNKRS has a great user-friendly GUI (design) which makes it easy for beginners to use the bot.

Here you can see the design of Ghost. It looks beautiful, and is therefore really user friendly. Nike is always changing things, in the app and behind the scenes, making it extremely difficult for bots to succeed. Although, Ghost has a really good reputation of still doing good on difficult drops.

Ghost SNKRS is not in-stock. You can either try to go for a restock, or you could buy it for resell, which is currently below retail. Retail is 250$, and you can get your copy on now for 220$.

Ghost AIO designers have managed to succesfully bot shopify websites, and many more like adidas. They have managed to do this through their bot called Ghost Phantom, which is a really good piece of software these developers have created. If you’re looking to get into Ghost SNKRS and looking for a copy, be sure to follow @GhostAIO on twitter. Void main not working dev c++.

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The second bot is Betternikebot, better known as BNB. Betternikebot is as famous as Ghost. Betternikebot, compared to Ghost, is everything but beginner friendly. BNB doesn’t have a beautiful GUI and it doesn’t have an easy manual, but it might be better for you. Why is that?

>Because of the pricetag. Betternikebot is always in stock for you and it costs $200. You don’t need to get it off the resale market and it is definitely a cheaper option, which gives you money to invest in accounts and proxies. BNB has had drops with great successes but also drops with no success at all. It’s the same story for all nike bots.

This is what Better Nike Bot looks like. $200, always in stock, with some decent success. If you are really trying to get into this botting, with a lower budget (which will be harder but okay) you can get yourself a copy from the resale market for heavily under retail. Think of prices around like 100$.

Be careful though, as you should not get confused with cracked versions of the bot. Be sure to check out the article I’ve written on cracked bots if you’re not familiar with that yet.

So you might know this name, ANB. Most people don’t know though that it has a quite small group of people running a SNKRS bot with them. I was one of them, and I’ll tell you about the experience. ANB SNKRS is not a good bot. I just want to be fair with you guys to tell you to not get it. Updates take long, bugs are almost never fixed, and it has (almost) no success at all. I downloaded the bot and literally nothing goes to plan. Activating key doesn’t work, so a staff member has to do it manually, and once login you get a expired key error. I asked and asked and there is literally no-one available to answer your questions, ever. It’s terrible, do not get this bot. Retail is 300$, and in my opinion, definitely not worth it. Most people don’t know this bot, it is under the radar. Which might be good in some cases, but for this one, it might be better.

Another cheap bot, which managed to get some great success, are your own hands! Of course botting seems like an awesome idea and seems like its gonna get you some good money. It’s not like that. A tactic that many people try to use, is to buy SNKRS accounts and try a new account on every drop. I tried this method myself. I got some accounts at one of many nike account providers, and I went for the Nike x Supreme Dunk Skateboarding shoes. I filled out my payment method and address, and I actually managed to cop myself a pair. I’m not sure if this is luck or not. So I decided to try again. I can’t recall what drop this was, but this time I didn’t manged to cop. Botting Nike stays a mystery. It is difficult, and success is limited most of the time. Is it luck? Is it some kind of award system? Who knows.

Nike SNKRS botting will stay risky, and always consider that the bot might fail even though you’ve bought Nike accounts, and proxies etc. If it works, it is awesome, but from my experiences, most of the time, Nike wins the battle.

Dutch botter with almost three years of experience, with a powerful network of sneakerheads who are looking to buy his goods.


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