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iBot Updates

iBot - International Silkroad Online Bot
iBot v1.1.33 -
iBot v1.1.33b -
Note: Please use only the above download link.
Change Log:
- Fix buying stone of resurrection
- Fix using skills on champion mobs
- Added Recharge time just below the fgw re-entry timer
- Added faster rebuffing for primary buff skills
- Update for sro v1.343
- Update for sror v1.012
- Update data files
- Updated iBot_Necessities folder
- Fix clientless login
- Fix a script issue if character died with loot pet
- Fix walk to random area if no mobs
- Fix client crashing when buying at stable
- Added the new iBot Media Patcher to the package
- Added three backups for 1st use skill
Please report errors, Thank you.
What you need ?
iBot latest version:iBotForFun Blogspot
or Direct link of the original download: iBot 1.1.37
edxSilkroadLoader6:edxSilkroadLoader6 - Mediafire
The edxSilkroadLoader6 found it on google, i did not downloaded it from an official site
Use this edxSilkroadLoader6, not the one that comes with the iBot

Install the necessities for the iBot, if not follow this thread: [iBot] Guide - Installation and Use
Just follow '2. The necessary installations' from that thread.
After you did all that installation necessities follow this steps.
1) Extracting the bot

A game more evolved than Silkroad and is a rebirth of Silkroad. Silkroad R is the evolution of Silkroad Online with a cleaner interface, improved gameplay, skill balance, level design, growth and skill points. Install the latest patch to play the game without any glitches. Shows you how to download and Install Silkroad Online! Links: Silkroad:

Create a folder on the Desktop, or anywhere in your computer.
Open '[iBot] Public Released v1.1.XX.rar' and extract it in that folder.
2) Patching the Media.pk2 Automatically
Go to 'iBot_Necessities', in the folder 'iBot - Media Patcher' install 'dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe'.
Put 'iBot - Media Patcher.exe' in your 'SilkroadR' Folder.
Open 'iBot - Media Patcher.exe' as admin

  1. Click 'Silkroad Online Revolution'
  2. Click 'Use custom address'
  3. Press 'Search for Address' and wait a few seconds/minutes (Program might go to 'Not responding' its normal, don't worry), when a message pops up just press ok.
  4. Press 'Show Current Settings' and 'Patch Now'.
2.5) Patching the Media.pk2 Manually
If you are having problems with patching the media.pk2 automatically do this, if you successfully did the Media.pk2 patch then skip this.

Pk2Tools Download: Pk2 Tools
DIVISIONINFO.txt & GATEPORT.txt already edited: Divisioninfo & Gateport
Open PK2Editor as Admin.

  1. File -> Open -> Select Media.pk2
  2. Automatically Single File Update -> Select DIVISIONINFO.txt -> Import
  3. Automatically Single File Update -> Select GATEPORT.txt -> Import
  4. Close PK2Editor
3) Using Hackshield
Go to 'iBot - Hackshield Server' and copy 'Hackshield.jar' and the 'Run SROR Hackshield.bat' to your 'SilkroadR' Folder.
Open 'Run SROR Hackshield.bat' and it will open the 'Hackshield' and the 'Silkroad Launcher' will also open.
Press the 'Start' button on the launcher, and wait for the client to load completely.
If it says you need to download java check here: Java Downloads for All Operating Systems
Do not CLOSE the Hackshield or the SRO_Client, this client has to be opened without doing anything to it !

4) Using the iBot

Open 'edxSilkroadLoader6.rar' and extract it into your 'SilkroadR' folder.
Open iBot Folder -> Init -> r_iphs.ini and replace for the IP that its on the Hackshield
Make a shortcut for the 'iBot.exe' and the box next to 'Target:' at the end of the text put LS:5, Example:
If it looks like this: 'C:UsersUsernameDesktopsroRiBotiBot.exe'
Change it to this: 'C:UsersUsernameDesktopsroRiBotiBot.exe' LS:5
If it looks like this: C:UsersUsernameDesktopsroRiBotiBot.exe
Change it to this: C:UsersUsernameDesktopsroRiBotiBot.exe LS:5
Open the Shortcut of the 'iBot', and it should say HS Successfully connected.
Open 'edxSilkroadLoader6.exe' make sure its on the SilkroadR folder, and the only options that should be ticked on the loader should be this: 'Multiclient', 'NOP Hackshield (isro/ksro)', 'Redirect Gateway Server:', IP: '' with Port:'16000', Patch Seed. and press Launch!
On your iBot it should say that its connecting to login server etc, and you are ready to bot now.
Remember not to close the other client, that client and hackshield should be open without touching !!
Little FAQ
Why i get DC every 2min ?

I don't really have an answer for this, but check that the file r_iphs says the ip from the HackShield, and not, some users get a lot of DC with
Why does it say java is not installed ?

Silkroad Media Patcher Download Free

Try checking here: Java Downloads for All Operating Systems