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'Sony Vaio Duo 11 SVD112A1WL Ultrabook. 1 x Free Cord(fit your country). The product details (appearance, label, Plug) may vary due to the different production batches. CPU is solder on, ram is solder on, wireless card is solder on, and hard drive is a M.2 80mm longRemoving back cover 0.55Remvoing hard drive 6.10Removing bat.

Do the Sony Tap 11 repair yourself with the help of our tutorial video and save!

Manufacturer: Sony
Part Number:MTPA1KZN0008W38J
Compatibility: Sony Tap 11 / SVT11 Models such as the SVT11213CXB / SVT112A2WL
Package: Included is 1 LCD Screen With Digitizer / Touch Screen attached from the factory.
Description: This is a 100% Genuine Sony replacement part that is perfect for your Sony Vaio Tap 11 screen repair. It is tested and guaranteed to work. It is a brand new LCD screen and digitizer assembly. You can check out our YouTube tutorial for how to do the replacement yourself!
Warranty: We offer 90 days warranty on this part. It does not include installation damage, so be careful when installng it!
If you have any further questions about this item, please Contact Us.
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In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Sony Vaio Duo 11 to remove and replace the battery, SSD, wireless, RAM, heat sink, cooling fan, keyboard, and motherboard.

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Remove all the screws from the bottom case.

It has a lot of hidden screws on the laptop body, including the side of the body, make sure to remove all screws.

The bottom case has been removed.

In order to extend the standby time, Sony duo 11 comes with a large volume of the battery.


The laptop features a 7.4v, 4960mah/37wh Li-ion battery, Sony P/N: VGP-BPS31.

Remove the screws securing the battery.

Built-in RAM chips

Near field magnetic induction communication module

Left speaker

Right speaker

Under the battery, you can access the keyboard.

Near field magnetic induction communication module

Optical TrackPoint.

The controller chip of optical TrackPoint from Taiwan Hotai

Wireless card and RJ45 integrated into a small board, connected to the motherboard by a data cable.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 features a Toshiba SSD and now cannot remove it. We need to remove the motherboard to remove SSD.

128GB mSATA Toshiba SSD

VGA port connected to the motherboard via FBC cable

HDMI port connected to the motherboard via FBC cable


Sony Vaio Duo 11 has a removable memory.


The RAM interface is very special.

Sony Vaio

Processor and Southbridge use the same heatsink.

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Review

Miami nights singles in the city free download for android. Remove three screws securing the heat sink and remove it.

The motherboard has been removed.

Rear camera module

The LCD hinge