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Set up crashes and perform amazing leaps from them in this stellar game

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  1. Turbo Dismount™. The legendary crash simulator is now on Google Play! Perform death-defying motor stunts, crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale - and share the fun! Turbo Dismount™ is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful.
  2. Jul 30, 2019 Turbo Dismount Custom Levels Download. Approximate location (network-based): Turbo Dismount App Download. Turbo Dismount Custom Levels Download Mp3. Allows the app to get your approximate location. This location is derived by location services using network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi.
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These are all the levels I have made for Turbo Dismount I hope you enjoy them! They are sorted from oldest to newest so the better levels will be on the bottom. (; If you like my levels you can join my group where I will update you on what levels I am making and give you exclusive info on new levels that are coming out.

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    May 21, 2014

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Turbo Dismount is a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars who love him. It is the official sequel to the wildly popular and immensely successful personal impact simulator - Stair Dismount.The highlights of this experience are multiple vehicles, an awesome replay system, level editing features, high-speed physics and an indiscriminate sense of style.The purpose of the game is simple - damage awards points. It is up to you to try different combinations of obstacles, vehicles, poses and levels to make it to the top of the leaderboards. To support friendly rivalry, Turbo Dismount supports placing a photo of your friend on the face of Mr. Dismount - such a delightful way to express one's emotions! Motic images plus software.

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