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Activation is an integer part of the Windows XP operating system. Essentially, XP activation is designed to help reduce software piracy. According to Microsoft, 'casual copying' affecting XP is the behavior targeted with activation. But outside of the initial grace period of XP, users will only be able to use the operating system if they will activate their copy. Microsoft offers three alternatives to activating Windows XP, via the Internet, through a modem or by phone. Of course that there also are illegal alternatives to XP activation. Various cracks and workarounds circumvent Microsoft's antipiracy measure. But none of the above is the method to manually activate Windows XP presented in here.

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The object of this article is to let you in on a way to easily and effortlessly re-activate you copy of Windows XP after a reinstall. This implies that you already have a genuine and activated copy of Windows XP to begin with. But in case you have to format your hard drive, or just the XP partition, and install XP all over again, you can spare yourself the time and labor to re-activate the operating system, according to the SunbeltBlog. All you have to do is make your way to the C:WindowsSystem32 folder and identify the 'wpa.dbl' and 'wpa.bak' files. Copy both of them to a USB drive or burn them to a CD.

Format the HDD and reinstall Windows XP, but do not activate the operating system. Instead restart and boot into SAFEBOOT_OPTION=Minimal, press F8 during boot in order to access the SafeMode options. Navigate to System32 where you will be able to find the 'wpa.dbl' and 'wpa.bak' files. Since you already have the old files on your portable media simply rename these as '' and '' and copy the old 'wpa.dbl' and 'wpa.bak' files in System32.

'Product activation makes sure that each Windows XP license is installed in accordance with the EULA and is not installed on more than the number of computers that the license permits. Windows creates a unique installation identification (ID) that is based on information from the product ID and a hardware identifier that are created when you install Window XP. To activate, use the Windows Product Activation wizard to provide the installation ID to Microsoft over the Internet or your phone line. The installation ID records an association of the product ID to your computer and a confirmation ID is sent back to your computer to activate Windows XP. Activation is anonymous, and no personal information is required to activate,' Microsoft revealed in relation to XP's activation process.

Learning has never been so easy!

Windows Xp Home Edition Activated Iso

  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition utilizes the Ink object as a means of data input and storage. This is a data type created as part of the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition API that allows users to manipulate and process handwritten data, including recognition results and, in some cases, the pressure information for each part of the stroke.
  • Read PDF Windows Xp Home Edition Manual language, Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual, Second Edition is perfectly suited for both first-time PC fans and budding power users. And like the rest of the Missing Manual series, it also relies on technical insight, crystal-clear objectivity, and a sense of humor-meaning no one will be left.

I ran a repair on XP and after the repair I got a message saying that I needed to activate windows before I can log in.Choosing 'No' would send be back to the login screen and choosing 'Yes' would begin to load Windows, but only as far as showing me the desktop with no icons.

I was able to fix this problem by starting the PC in safe mode with command prompt. I then typed 'explorer' into the command prompt to load Windows. Next I clicked on 'Start' - 'Run' and in the 'Run' box I typed
'Rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk'. This extended my activation to 30 days. Even though this extended my activation period, I was still unable to get the activation program to start up.

Yeah simple way to activate it. Windows XP Editions (RTM-SP3) These are some of the Windows XP Versions from Microsoft from 2001 to 2008. The following editions of Windows XP are: Media Center 2002/2004 (Media Center application only)/2005. There will be also serial key listed for each Edition/Service Pack. The trick to bypass Windows XP product activation is the simplest and the most effective one. Windows activation reminder - 30 days left open Registry Editor (Start-Run then enter regedit and push OK button) open the registry key at the location HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents.

I fixed that by going into 'regedit' and searching for the 'wpaevents' folder. I then changed the permissions to include 'User' for 'Full control'. I also went to my c: drive and changed the permissions to include 'User', 'Administrator', and 'System' for 'Full control'. I rebooted the machine and then was able to run Windows activation.

I got all my info from:


6 Steps total

Step 1: Start the PC into Safe mode with command prompt

Power on the PC and press F8 right before Windows begins to load. Select 'Safe mode with command prompt'

Step 2: Run Explorer from the Command prompt to start Windows

Once the Command prompt loads, type in 'explorer' to start Windows within Safe mode.

Step 3: Run 'Rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk' from the 'Run' box.

Now click on 'Start' and in the 'Run' box type
'Rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk'. Press Enter. This will re-set activation to 30 days

Step 4: Modify the wpaevents folder in the Registry.

Once more, click on 'Start' then go to the 'Run' box and type in 'Regedit'. Make sure that in Regedit you are highlighting 'My Computer' at the very top. Now go up to 'Edit' then 'Find' and type in 'wpaevents' then press Enter. Right click on the 'wpaevents' folder and go down to 'Permissions'. Highlight 'User' and place a check mark in the box labeled 'full control'. Click 'Apply' and exit regedit.

Step 5: Modify the C: drives permissions.

Now double click 'My Computer'. Right click the C: drive and go down to 'Properties'. Now click on the 'Security' tab and modify 'User', 'Administrator', and 'System' so that they all have 'Full control'. Click 'Apply' and reboot the PC.

Step 6: Run Windows activation

Now Windows activation will run and the PC will become usable again.

This How-to is intended to assist in recovering a PC from a faulty repair install. It is not a tutorial on bypassing / extending the Windows activation grace period. I don't condone piracy, but I also don't believe in locking a user from their data with faulty control mechanisms.

Published: Jun 01, 2012 ยท Last Updated: Jun 04, 2012


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  • Habanero
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    Had to do the exact same only last week. Nice to have it documented here.

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    nice howto
    thx for share

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  • Jalapeno
    BB8771 Mar 25, 2013 at 12:06am

    Aaarrgh. I was so hopeful, because this post added the permissions steps, but when I do as described, the login after saying 'yes' to activation just shows the wallpaper forever

    [Update] I left the PC on the wallpaper, no Explorer, no icons all night long and discovered the PC must've logged-off or rebooted during the night. When I logged-on this next time, the expected Windows Activation screen greeted me and I was able to successfully activate!

  • Pimiento
    pvdchris Apr 28, 2013 at 06:59pm

    I used this method, and still get the wallpaper screen forever. I am working to recover an old computer which has had it's ethernet controller fail, as well as the internal wi-fi. I have attached a USB wi-fi adapter, and run the installation software in safemode. When I reboot, I still get the 'This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on. Do you want to activate Windows now?' Right back to the wallpaper.

    This is the result of a Windows Repair, XP Home Edition SP3 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-2111

    I have verified with Microsoft that the software is a legal copy, but they want $180 to talk me through validation.

    Thanks for any further suggestions

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    I'm also new here in spicework.
    So far, so good ! :)

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    Thanks, needed this today. It was getting critical. A new install would have taken days because of the support from a 3rd party vendor.

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    Thank you guys for your kind words. I'm glad I was able to help.

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    The problem is solved with my pc

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    If you want to activate windows xp at zero cost then visit see this tutorial

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